Gift Idea: Beautiful Hand Written Gifts by His Graceful Pen


Confession: I am a sucker for Art and talented people and I guess you know about this me by now!

A couple of months ago I saw an Instagram video by a Qatar based artist HisGracefulPen. Watching videos of her writing beautiful letters became a bedtime ritual for me. It helped me unwind and relax before I slept… those videos truly have a therapeutic effect on me. Her Instagram feed is beyond beautiful and I found out that she not only writes beautiful letters but also holds Brush Calligraphy classes and makes beautiful personalized gifts!

Photo Credit – HisGracefulPen

When I was doing my office space in our new home, I approached her to write the ‘The PMP Mom’ for me to use as a part of my office wall art. I told her the colours I wanted and she did an amazing job! I absolutely LOVE it!4The first time I met Grace was when I went to pick up my order and we instantly connected. A mum of 3, a woman who gave up her career for her kids and now pursuing her passion! Viola- instant connection!3I was absolutely intrigued by the name of her brand and asked her the reason she chose it. She told me that it all started with her writing quotes from the Bible and hence the name His Graceful Pen! (Such a clever name and indeed very graceful!)

Image Credit –  His Graceful Pen

When we moved to the new house, 3 of my friends moved in the same compound as well! (how cool is that!) I wanted to give everyone a small housewarming gift, and (as usual) I wanted something personal.. and then Grace popped into my head again! I ordered these personalized handwritten mugs from her for all 4 of us! ( we joke about being the Desperate housewives of this compound- hence the tagline!)2

And I very recently found about her being so good with illustrations! How adorable is this!

Image Credit –  His Graceful Pen

I love handmade gifts and encourage people to support the local artists! Its a WIN-WIN for both – you get a unique gift for a great price and the artists get the encouragement to keep feeding their soul and keep doing what they love!

With Christmas right around the corner,  you might wanna check Grace’s work for some gift inspiration!

How To Get In Touch With HisGracefulPen

Facebook: @hisgracefulpen

Instagram: @hisgracefulpen

Whatsapp: +974  33362342

I have a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY coming up soon on the blog with HisGracefulPen – So stay tuned!


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