New Home: Home Office Reveal

HomeofficeCoverThe most exciting part of moving to a new home was having the space to create my own working space/office. When choosing the room to create an office space for myself, I was a bit unconventional in my choice and went for an open area rather a closed-door office. It’s basically the space that I had upstairs in the landing area, which was previously used as an extra family room.


Why an office in the middle of the house?


  1. Its a BIG open space right in the heart of our home
  2. I have enough space to keep my photography/studio gear
  3. There are big windows and it gets a lot of natural light AND
  4. I can keep an eye on EVERYONE! (just kidding!)

I usually work either in the mornings (when the kids are at school) or at night (when they are asleep), so having it in the middle of the house and without any closed doors doesn’t bother me.

So without any further delay, let’s see what it looks like AFTER



DSCF6131Now let’s take it slowly, bit by bit. I wanted to have a chic and feminine look for my working studio so I went for white, black, gold with an accent of pink as my main colours.DSCF6173Since this room was a new addition to the house, I had to buy everything new (and me being me, who doesn’t like to overindulge and buy from expensive stores ), I ended up buying most of the big pieces from Ikea (the black sofa, the side tables, rug and the bookshelf). DSCF6017

I had 4 basic requirements from this room.

  1. A storage space for documents, books and my camera gear
  2. A work desk
  3. A seating with a pretty gallery wall, where my husband can sit and read a book and give me company while I work.
  4. Space for setting up my photography studio equipment to do an indoor shoot

So let’s go into the detail of each and every aspect of this room.

1. Storage Space

DSCF6028I needed a space to keep not only the documents and books but my photography gear including but not limited to the cameras, lenses, reflectors etc. Hence I went for a bookshelf that would hide away the ‘not so pretty’ items.

My husband warning the world! lol!

So while the books, document organizers and some decor stay on the visible side, the misc photography gear, props etc. stay behind the closed doors.

My labelled document organizers

Everything that is on the display shelf has to have a meaning in my life.. every piece has a story.  I hardly ever go to a store to buy decoration pieces.

Gifts and collectables that I got from family and friends
This little girl holding a laptop is a gift from my mamoo (maternal uncle) that he gave me when I completed my graduation in Computer Science (17 years ago!!)
The camera, again a gift from a friend
And this vintage camera that belongs to my husband’s grandfather

2. Work Desk

I was looking for a chic table and luckily found this beautiful table (and exactly like what I had in mind) from……(wait for it….) Home Centre! (unbelievable right!? such a Pinteresty table from Homecentre! I bought it in a heartbeat!)


The notebook and gold polka dot stapler from Marshals in the US, Pen from Cath Kidston
My water container that my husband picked up on one of his work trips (lol!)


The Lizard from The One, Soy Candle from West Elm
My Office chair from IKEA

3. Seating Space with a Gallery Wall

I wanted to have a comfy seating in this room to lie down and read a book or when my husband wants to sit and relax, while I work. Since it’s not a closed room, the wall against which I wanted to keep the sofa was tricky as I couldn’t paint it or put a wallpaper on it. So I decided to put some gold and black polka dots wall decals (ordered from Amazon) to add some life to the wall.

#Happy Cushion from Marshals, US

I absolutely love gallery walls and put up a combination of things on the wall – some new, some old. What I love the most about this wall, is that I have a bit of my dad and my mum with me at all times. The eye chart (which reads ‘Life is all about giving – Dr Hasan  Rizvi’) was a DIY project that I made when my dad passed away.DSCF6288While the two silhouettes of women were hand painted on glass by my mum some 50 odd years ago, even before she got married! These are priceless!DSCF6105I also framed my PMP certificate (lol!). I feel extremely proud looking at the date of this certificate which is exactly 6 days before my scheduled C-section. I cleared my 4-hour exam 6 days before I became a mom!DSCF6104Some inspirational quotes and another gift from my uncle, which is a framed picture that I took on a cloudy day. What’s special about this picture is that while I was taking it, the sun put the spotlight on me casting my own shadow! (quite a special one for me!)

The @ hook from Kare and Quote from Marshals, US
The PMP Mom lettering by HisGraceFul Pen, Hello from The One, Canvases from Marshals, US
I-Innovate Cushion from The One Junior




4. Photography/Studio Corner

The room has enough space to keep my lighting and backdrop equipment for doing shoots (and storage to keep it away when not in use!). And I absolutely LOVE all the natural light coming in!


So let’s zoom out before I sign out!


DSCF6131Let me know what you guys think! I will be waiting 🙂


26 thoughts on “New Home: Home Office Reveal

  1. I had been waiting for this! Was eagerly trying to catch glimpses in your instastory whenever I could manage. It has come together beautifully! You have an eye for pieces. I could never walk into Home Center and pick up that desk. I hope this creative place brings even more passion and meaning to your writing as I know you have been seeking!


  2. luckilylenny

    I love every details about it! Your lovely office will surely help you even more in creating unique and creative content without lazy feelings! I am planning to upgrade my little workstation too at home! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, love the new office!
    Love your choice of colors, I have same favorites too, pink + b/w + gold!
    Congratulations on that amazing work with your new office, at home. I’m inspired to start my own now. Thank you for this post.

    By the way, I already saw you in person during the premiere of Coco at the Mall of Qatar. The movie was starting when I recognized you and then we also left immediately after the movie ended so I wasnt able to say hi. Next time, when I get to see you, I would love to exchange hello’s with you!

    Til we meet. I also followed your instagram account already.

    IG: @idressupandeat

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ameena

    hi..its so beautiful and nicely done mashaaAllah,,will you kndly let me know about the tray/yhing under your laptop and the marble thing on the wall (saying dream + work) you made them..thanks


  5. Dr Zunaira Aman

    I have recently joined your blog on insta. I like reading your blog. I can relate on so many levels. I have small corners and reading nooks and work spaces, clocks and other collectibles and sometime I used to think my house is more of a museum. Now I justify with myself after reading you !!


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