Recipe Of The Week – Halwa Poori Nashta


Another all time favorite of mine!! Every Sunday my dad used to get this Pakistani breakfast (which includes, Halwa, Poori , Aaloo ki Bhaji and Cholay) from a nearby restaurant. Since I have not been able to find a decent Halwa Poori here in Doha ( and trust me I have been here 12 years and tired them all!), every time we go back to Pakistan, my mother in law gets me this breakfast… my first meal every time I land in Pakistan! :). DSC_0084 (Medium)

It is like a weekend ritual for most of the families in Pakistan to enjoy the lazy weekend with Halwa Poori ka Nashta! (after eating which you get much more lazier!) So since my mum is here and the weather has been awesome, I ventured to make this at home! I have tried making this a couple of times before but either the poori gets crispy and hard or the cholay  and halwa doesn’t taste like the restaurant one (I am pretty confident with the Aaloo ki bhaji and make it quite often). But with my mum on my side to guide me (and btw she just recently learned this recipe as well), we gave it a shot! DSC_0110 (Medium)

AND I am NEVER eating any other Halwa Poori again! It was just as good like it was professionally made (in much more hygienic conditions 😉 ).Collage1

So since this is basically not just one recipe, I have divided in two parts (2 recipes this week and 2 recipes next week). And trust me.. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THESE!

Recipes Part 1:

Recipes Part 2:



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