Travel Requirements for Visting Qatar from Pakistan

Pakistan is currently on the Exceptional Red List for Qatar and there is a requirement for 2 days of hotel quarantine for vaccinated travelers from Pakistan. These requirements may change at any time, so I would recommend that you check the current regulations with MOPH website.

Travel Requirements for Parents – Karachi to Doha Trip  

Travel on visa on arrival (30 days validity, extendable to another 30 days)

Initial Items Checklist:(Parents to complete)

  1. Covid Vaccination Certificate 
  2. Polio Vaccination Certificate


  • Book flight (Qatar Airways/Fly Dubai/PIA)
  • Health Insurance (advised but not required) Options in Qatar: 
    • QLM Senior Plan for over 60 years of age (180 Riyals for 3 months)
    • Beema Insurance
    • QIRC
    • Any travel agency will provide travel insurance for less than 70 years of age (includes health insurance but confirm with agency for coverage)
  • 48 hours prior to travel (Parents to do in Pakistan):
    • PCR Test and Antibody Test (recommended – Essa Laboratories in Karachi)
  • Parents send copies of the following items to son/daughter in Qatar:
    • PCR Test result
    • Anitbody Test result
    • Covid Vaccination Certificate
  • Complete the pre-registration process on the Ehteraaz website as soon as the PCR result is received – items to be uploaded in the pre-registration process:
    • PCR Test result
    • Anibody Test result
    • Covid Vaccination Certificate
    • Discover Qatar Hotel Quarantine Booking
    • Passport Copies (bio page)
  • Approval of the pre-registration will be received via email. Once approval received, forward the copy to the parents. 
  • Parents to download the Ehteraaz app on each of their respective phones

Final Items to Carry for Flight:

  1. Covid Vaccination Certificate 
  2. Polio Vaccination Certificate
  3. PCR Test Result
  4. Antibody Test Result
  5. Discover Qatar Hotel Quarantine Booking
  6. Roundtrip Flight Itinerary
  7. Approval of the Pre-Registration from Ehteraaz
  8. Undertaking and Acknowledgment Form related to Covid 19
  9. Health Insurance Certificate
  10. International Credit Card
  11. Copies of Passport (front and back)
  12. Address of Family in Qatar
  13. Copy of QID of son/daughter in Qatar

After Arrival into Qatar:

  1. Buy a phone SIM at the aiport (QAR 35), which will be valid for a week for the use of Etheraz app.
  2. Hotel transfer from airport (arranged directly by the hotel at the airport).
  3. Register on the Ehteraaz app with 12 digit visa number and phone number.
  4. PCR test on Day 1 
  5. If PCR test is negative, a rapid Antibody test is done. If that Antibody test is positive, release on Day 2
  6. If PCR test is positive, extend quarantine to 14 days (total)
  7. If Antibody test is negative, extend quarantine to 7 days (total); retest PCR on Day 6 (release if negative)

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