Food Review – Bar-B-Q Tonight Dubai

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I don’t think there is any Pakistani who doesn’t know Bar-B-Q Tonight (If you don’t.. read on and you will now know what you have been missing in life!). Bar-B-Q tonight has a name and reputation in high-quality desi food and it has maintained that over the years. There is now a Bar-B-Tonight in Dubai (and also in Jeddah), which serves THE BEST in desi food, I have ever had!

Needless to say, my trip to Dubai is unimaginable without at least ONE meal there! Even my husband’s work trip to Dubai means a long distance dinner delivery from Bar-B-Tonight Dubai to my dining table in Doha (True Story!). Normally I don’t like when my husband travels for work, but if  Dubai is the destination, I just sneak in an extra bag in his luggage for my Bihari Kabab and Paratha fix! (He is super sweet and always brings it for me irrespective of the embarrassment involved in the process 🙂 )  

Located on Jumeirah Road

I know there are lots of desi options in Dubai (unlike Doha), but a place where you find a warm ambience, great food and amazing prices is a very rare combination! Bar-B-Q Tonight Dubai just checks all these boxes for me! And you will see why I say that!

The Ambience

Bar-B-Tonight Dubai has quite a spacious dining facility indoors as well as outdoors. I will let the pictures do the talking here.


BBQ1BBQ2They have an a la carte menu as well as a wide selection of items in their Lunch and Dinner Buffet.


The Food

Image Credit – Bar-B-Q Tonight Dubai

Bar-B-Q Tonight Dubai has an extensive menu when it comes to choices! You will be spoilt for choices, even in their buffet. But let me tell you what I always eat there, what I tried for the first time and what I love!

Living in the Middle East, everyone needs Hummus for starters.. and they have your wish sorted. They have Arabic salads, but I can’t tell how yum is their chutneys! But my favourite chutney is their Aaloo Bukhara Chutney! (It also is on my flying food delivery order to Doha :D)BBQ StartersI love Bihari Kababs. It’s my weakness when it comes to Pakistani BBQ. Their Chicken Bihari Kababs are juicy, tender and just simply melt in your mouth. Usually, restaurants go overboard with the spices when it comes to Bihari Kababs and that night you suffer a heartburn! But these are just perfectly flavorful and not very fiery on the spice level. Hands down THE BEST Bihari Kababs EVER!BihariMy husband’s favorite is their Mutton Ribs.. I never tried them until this time and after a single bite, I could see why he loves them so much! With meat so tender that it is falling off the bones! Their Seekh kababs are amazing too!

BBQThis time we tried some of their vegetarian options and really enjoyed the Karhi Pakora and Khattay Baingan. The Karhi was as good as homemade Karhi!BBQ - VeggiesBut what stole our hearts was their Fried Bhindi! It was sooo good that it was gone within minutes! It’s definitely a MUST try!DSC_0328Another thing that I tried for the first time and it made it instantly to my “the best I have ever had” list was their Kabuli Pulao. The aroma, the flavor – everything was divine! Another MUST try!DSC_0331I don’t think my words can do justice to their Bihari Kababs, Mutton Ribs, Parathas, Kabuli Pulao or Chutneys (especially the Aaloo Bukhara one!). These are ALWAYS on our order!

We were so stuffed by this time, that we could not even look at their desserts! And this always happens when dining there…. *sigh*

The Price

You can see their complete MENU with prices HERE

Ramzan Prices

Iftar Buffet: 79 AED

Dinner Buffet: 51 AED

So next time you are in Dubai, do try it out if you haven’t already!

I wish they would open a Bar-B-Q Tonight in Doha. Help me get one in Doha by answering the below question.

Would you like to see a Bar-B-Tonight branch in Doha?

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the restaurant but the views, pictures and the LOVE for their food are entirely my own!



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