The Theme Party Madness!

FinalCover (Large)Hey everyone! So this is my first post on parties .. basically its party planning made easy for Mummies. Birthday parties, these days have become all about themes.. from the Cake to Décor to Clothes to even the Food (sigh…), basically EVERYTHING! And frankly we, the mums (I am guilty of this as well) are going crazy over this more than the kids. They don’t care of these minute details that we fret over, of these picture perfect parties! Its actually more for ‘us’ than ‘them’ (True Story! ).

I read an article somewhere (can’t seem to find it now.. ) that changed my perspective (a lil bit…  😉 ). As much as I enjoy throwing these parties, there is a very fine line that you can cross very easily and make your (READ your husband’s) life miserable. Parties are supposed to be fun not stress! Don’t think I am in anyway saying to stop having these theme parties (not at all!!!), but if its taking its toll on your ‘sanity’ or ‘pocket’ than please STOP right there! And if its just therapeutic for you (for example making DIY décor or cake etc.) like its for me then GO ON! (But just be very careful of that FINE line 🙂 )

CakesoldRemember the days when the birthday parties looked like these? (Well…that’s what my birthdays looked like..) I remember all I cared about was the ‘Cake’ and the ‘Birthday Presents’. And when I say I cared about the cake, I don’t mean a fancy 3 tiered fondant covered cake with hand made gum paste figurines ..but just a chocolate or a fresh cream cake with some cartoon character piped with icing on it. And let me tell you the way it was piped you could just ‘barely’ guess which character it was ;).

BirthdayBannerOldMy mom had made a birthday banner (that you see in this picture) that was used “every year” (Yes I do mean EVERY YEAR!!!!). There were some streamers and balloons here and there and that’s about it for the décor. But there always used to be family and friends around, lots of yummy food, games and lots of fun!

Times have changed…..and so have things…. We really can’t expect our kids to be very excited/content with such simple parties (though I know some amazing kids who are.. ) after they have been to a friend’s ‘Over the top’ theme party! My kids have been spoilt in this aspect … as I did some ‘Over the top’ theme parties in the past( before I read that article) and raised their standards…*sigh*.

This is where I will help you..  provide you with ALL what I created or collected for various theme parties, give u simple ideas of DIY décor and lots more.. I’ll help you with throwing a memorable theme party without costing you (READ ‘your poor husband’) an arm and a leg!

So check out for the first theme party coming up in the next post…

Till then ..Ciao!

P.S. – I know two men who will enjoy this post the most.. mine and my besties’ husbands 😉 This ones for you guys!


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