Ramzan/Ramadan Decor on a Budget

With Ramzan/ Ramadan around the corner, I feel a sense of calm this time. I know people are sad that it won’t be the same, no Iftar or Suhoor parties or Taraweeh and no Ramadan tents (for people in the Middle East) I, on the other hand, feel the opposite completely! I think this will …

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5 Dollar Store + Last Minute + DIY Halloween Party Ideas

My friend(who also happens to be my neighbor) was hosting a kids play date during the half term holidays and had invited us over. A day before the actual play date we realized that the play date is falling on the same day as Halloween. So, we three friends(and neighbors! how cool is that!), decided to …

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The Theme Party Madness!

Hey everyone! So this is my first post on parties .. basically its party planning made easy for Mummies. Birthday parties, these days have become all about themes.. from the Cake to Décor to Clothes to even the Food (sigh...), basically EVERYTHING! And frankly we, the mums (I am guilty of this as well) are going crazy over this more than the kids. …

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