DIY Project: The Thinking Cap

think-cap-coverAs promised in my post on the Maths Day Costume Ideas, here is the tutorial of how to make the Thinking Cap, that I made for my daughter’s Meta-Maths day.

So while looking for ideas for Maths day costume, I came across this fantastic tutorial on The tutorial is very detailed where she makes her own cap as well (which I didn’t and used an old cap instead). Hence, I will not reinvent the wheel, but will just give you a glimpse of my version of it.



Step 1:

I embroidered the “Thinking Cap” with a simple backstitch on a piece of Felt fabric, and cut it big enough, to cover the logo (of my husband’s company) written on the front of the cap. I then stitched it on the front of the cap.thinking-cap1

Step 2:

Next, I sketched the bulb and then cut it out as a template to make the felt bulb. Did some running stitches and chain stitch on the bulb and then filled it with felt scrapes and stitched it on the top of the cap.dsc_0017


Step 3

Next, I drew some gears with hand and then cut them out. I then traced them on the different colored felt fabrics , cut them out as well and then did a running stitch (since I wanted to complete the cap in one sitting , did the embroidery in a rush and did a pretty bad job at it..) on the borders.

I also cut some small circles, punched a hole in them and let the pipe cleaners through them which then went through the cap. I then hot glue the pipe cleaners to the inner side of the cap, securing them so they don’t poke at my daughter’s head.thinkingcap2



Step 4

Later I hot glued everything on the cap, along with some metal washers that were lying around the house (in my toolbox, of course).

Here is how the final cap turned out and needless to say,my daughter is super excited to wear it on World Maths Day.







Until next time…



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