Monogram Family Burlap Frame


Hey everyone! I am back.. (no I didn’t go any where.. ). My bestie was in town for the weekend and we had a lovely time together.. hosted a brunch at my place, lots of eating out, shopping trips etc etc…  hence the quietness on the blog..

So here is one DIY project I loved doing..  Its hanging at my front door, so every time I walk in the house.. I feel good and happy to see it.

I am in love with Chalk board designs and Burlap these days, so I combined these two to make a wall art for my home… (my home is under what my husband calls a ‘major makeover’… he says “You are changing everything these days .. don’t change me!!!” 😉 )

So lets get to business.. Here is how I did it..

I first designed the Monogram Family Printable. If you don’t want to venture and play with photoshop, you can simply buy it on Etsy (one of my favorite sites) Or WIN one in my upcoming Giveaway! (Yes- To be announced soon! 🙂 )

Stuff you will need
Stuff you will need

I printed it on an normal paper and pasted it on the backside of  an old cereal box (No need to buy new cardstock paper plus its the perfect color so it won’t show from under the burlap ribbon). This needs to be little smaller than the frame size (as you will cover it in burlap and then it will not fit easily in the frame – I learnt it the hard way). Once that is done, take your burlap ribbon and hot glue it around the print on the card stock paper (overlapping just a bit). Let it dry and then put it inside the frame. I got the Ikea NYTTJA Frame for two reasons, one its very light ( I wanted to hang it on my front door) and most importantly its for QAR 12.00 ONLY !!!

Go clockwise starting from the top left corner

Then time to make the Burlap Ribbon.. I had another roll of burlap with a pretty lace trim (See , I told you I am in looooove with burlap!). I think these pictures are pretty self explanatory on how I made the bow ( I am here if you have any questions any time).  I used hot glue to make the bow as well.

Bow Collage

bow 2 Collagebow 3 Collage


Once the bow is dry (which takes about a few minutes), hot glue it to the corner of the frame! TADAAAA!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

2015-11-11 01.38.49

cover Collage


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