Rainy Days – Love or Loathe?

cover 3First of all I am really sorry for overloading you guys with posts (my husband says that I do .. ) , but I HAD to write one today.. The weather in Doha pushed me to! 🙂

I woke up to this view (yes ,that’s what I see from my room 🙂 ). Something that we all wait for, here in Doha.. the ‘Annual Rain’. Whether you love or loathe rain mainly depends on where you live and have grown up.. If you are from somewhere like UK or US where you looooong for a sunny day.. you would loathe rain for sure.. But I come from Karachi where people wait for rain like we do here in Doha.. Its once in a while sort of a thing and I absolutely LOVE it.. the cleaner air, the greener and cleaner trees, washed buildings.. everything looks showered (I just realized how much of a clean freak am I???  I like rain because it cleans?!? I need help for sure! ). 

Rain is linked with some special food items in Pakistan… its starts drizzling and people start cooking pakoras , puris etc. Its almost like a ritual. And btw, we Pakistanis celebrate everything with food! 




I was living alone with my parents. my older siblings had moved out of Pakistan. I had completed my Bachelors degree in Computer Science and was working full time for a software development house. I had also enrolled myself in an evening Masters program.

I clearly remember it was raining cats and dogs in Karachi that day.. I came home from work and walking from the driveway to the entrance of my home.. I was drenched.. My mom was cooking Pakoras and chai (tea), while my dad was anxiously waiting for me to come home.. as streets can get flooded very easily in Karachi on a rainy day. I quickly threw my stuff inside the house and started dancing like crazy in the rain, in our garden (to my favorite ‘rain’ song..  Watch It Here ), while my mom and dad watched in surprise. I don’t quite remember why I was that happy.. was it only the rain that had that effect on me?? I still wonder..

I can’t forget the look on my dad’s face .. smiling lovingly at me and saying to my mom..

“Who can say, she is doing her Masters… Look at her! “

Every rainy day now, reminds me of him.. (We lost him last year to cancer 😦 ) I think of that day and him with a smile on my lips and an ache in my heart..


I jumped out of bed when I heard its raining… After the kids left for school with Mr. Incredible, I decided to make myself some pakoras and chai.. I took the book I am reading these days and sat outside in the balcony alone.. (after taking these pictures ofcourse 😉 ).


Though I still love the rain.. a gloominess surrounded me.. I wasn’t as ecstatic today as I used to be when it rained some 13 years ago..  I still enjoyed it but was a little sober this time (age factor or probably the book that I am reading 😉 ) . But I did enjoy the solitude with a lovely view.


The weather is just lovely, as I sit outside in the balcony writing this.. sipping on another cup of chai..

What did you guys do today?



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