Brunch With My Friends..


Recently my bestie was in town and I decided to do a ladies brunch to have a get together of all the friends. I made the guest list and was thinking whether to make a whatsapp group for the invite or a face book event.. and finally opted for the later (as its easier to track the people going and not going..) Anyways, so as I was creating the event.. I was like

“hmmm. now what do I do with the face book event cover…”

and started to play around again with the chalkboard background (I just love it) and designed the cover.. and that was the start to this theme.. (so basically within a span of 15 – 30 minutes .. I had a theme for my brunch 😛 )

The FB Cover …which started it all!


I made a few printables like the Menu, Food Labels and Thank You Notes. (You can download them for FREE at the end of this post ). You can simply use a white chalk to write on the prints ( if you don’t want to type in the text in the images).

I made some little party favors by sticking half doily on a plastic bucket and putting the thank you notes on them. The buckets had some Hershey’s Kisses (kisses for my friends .. get it? ) in them..

For the décor, I just put lots of flowers and candles.. everywhere.. I also wrapped some of my flower vases with the burlap ribbon. (I told you I am obsessed with Chalkboard and burlap these days.. 🙂 Remember my  Family Monogram Frame post? ). I printed the food labels and put them in (my one time investment of) IKEA frames. Since I have bought these frames, I have used them at every party at my home.. (Remember them from Violet’s Inside Out Party?)

Here are some pictures from the Brunch..

The desserts – ofcourse since my bestie was in town she was forced to make the red velvet cupcakes.
The Menu at the entrance and the favors..
The Drinks Corner
The Side Dishes…
Some more food…
And the entrée



The FREE Printable with Thank You Notes, Food Labels, Menu and Others can be downloaded here. Free Brunch Templates.

Have fun planning your next brunch!


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