Recipe Of The Week – Chatnee Ke Koftay

The MOST delicious twist on regular Koftay (Meat Balls). Meet Chatnee Ke Koftay. Get the Recipe with Step by Step Instructions and a Printable Recipe Card.

Recipe Of the Week – Haleem

One of my favorite recipes of my mom is the "Haleem". I have NEVER cooked Haleem any other way.. (no Shan Masala as well). Haleem for our family, has always had the "respect' of being "The One Dish" meal. These days I go for dinners and see Haleem as one of 20 items on the menu. People...You CANNOT do that to …

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Guess What?? — The Blog Is One Month Old Today!

One month flew by so quickly! Thank you sooo soo much for the support and love you guys have shown.. its been very encouraging! They say time flies when you are having fun! and boy oh boy, what a fun month it was! To celebrate the blog's first "Blogiversary" ... I thought of giving some love back to you …

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