Brunch With My Friends..

Recently my bestie was in town and I decided to do a ladies brunch to have a get together of all the friends. I made the guest list and was thinking whether to make a whatsapp group for the invite or a face book event.. and finally opted for the later (as its easier to track …

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Ikea Wing Chair HACK

I have just recently redone my living and dining room.. I really liked the color of the IKEA Strandmon Wing Chair and knew had to buy it as it went with the color theme of my living room. Plus I always liked these high backed Wing Chairs as they provide a very classic look to …

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Recipe Of The Week – Chicken Alfredo Pasta

I came across this recipe on the internet( in a video) and it looked so easy, I thought I'll give it a shot. The recipe originally called for using Fettuccine pasta, but I prefer Penne ( as my kids can eat that easily without making a big mess!). Since I didn't have any specific written recipe to follow, I put in …

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