Ikea Wing Chair HACK


I have just recently redone my living and dining room.. I really liked the color of the IKEA Strandmon Wing Chair and knew had to buy it as it went with the color theme of my living room. Plus I always liked these high backed Wing Chairs as they provide a very classic look to the room and they are also very comfortable.

So elegance and comfort together for me is an absolute winner!

The only problem was that the green chair came with light birch wood legs and to me that wasn’t going with the elegance and aura of a wing chair. So I knew I had to fix that somehow..


So I decided to do two upgrades  to add character to this chair…

1.Painted the legs with dark wood varnish. Before painting the legs, I used sandpaper to smooth out the legs and then cleaned it with a cloth to remove any dust. After that painted two coats of varnish and let it dry over night. (It was very simple … I had no experience at all of painting wood before. )


2. Added decorative nail heads to the chair and the foot stool. I ordered the antique brass nail heads from Amazon and put it around the chair and footstool .Each pack had 100 nail heads and cost of each pack was USD 9.99. I used almost 4 packs for the chair and the footstool.. I planned on doing this myself but those days my upholstery guy (who did my other chairs )offered to do it for me.. and I said YES!( obviously – and that was for a very nominal charge).


I threw a cushion on it and I feel it added the character a Wing chair should have..  What do you think???

2015-11-06 01.24.46

2015-11-06 01.21.57



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