SRK’s FAN: A Review By A Fan


Okay, before I tell you about the movie, I have a confession to make.. I am a big SRK fan.. but NOT fan of his films(if that makes any sense..). What I love about him is his personality, his wit and of course some of his very iconic movies! I can count his movies that I love (there aren’t many.. ) on my fingers, like Dilwale Dhulaniya Lein Jayenge, Dil to Pagal Hai, Dil Se, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Devdas, Veer Zara , Swades, Chake-De India. I absolutely love him in these movies and have seen these movies a million times! When we went to Mumbai, I made sure we stay on his street so I might run into him..but all I got was a glimpse of him leaving his home and a hug….

In front of SRK’s home.. excited yet acting sober
What the hell with what anyone thinks.. this is a childhood dream! lol

A hug with the pillar of Mannat, that is 🙂 (its okay can judge me and think I am pathetic.. and that’s fine.. its his star power).


When we saw him leaving his home in Mumbai, my kids were with me and seeing my excitement, my daughter asked..

“Mama, who was it?

and I had no clue on how to explain, my unexplained childish behavior to my own child.. so I said..

“You know how you see Dora on TV shows and then you got so excited to see her when we went to Nickelodeon Park and you saw her in real life .. he’s like the Dora of my TV shows and I just saw him in real life!” #parentingfail

Shah Rukh Khan is a good actor(no doubt) but he’s a bigger star, who now makes a lot of crappy films.. and tries to recreate the same thing over and over again .. which is NOT working for him any more..  The last movie of his, that I watched in cinema was ‘Happy New Year’ and during the movie, I was wondering what the hell was he thinking?! After that, I was looking forward to ‘Dilwale’ because of the SRK -Kajol pairing again.. but didn’t have the courage to go to the cinema after watching the trailer! Very frankly I had no hopes from ‘Fan’ at all! But after reading mixed reviews of ‘Fan’ and seeing the making video of how they created the look alike – psycho fan, Guarav , I was curious to actually go see the movie.. and I did..

Shooting of the movie Fan outside his home..  Picture Credit


Here is my take on it.. and I am being very unbiased here (though you might not believe me after seeing my pictures outside his Fan is a movie that has a good plot, amazing acting by SRK as Guarav and absolutely brilliant effects to create his look (they used make up to lift his face and make it chubbier and special effects to actually shrink his shoulders and nose). Its an unconventional and a very brave SRK movie with no heroine, no romance and no SONGS!

The first half was interesting.. but the second half got boring… the story went bizzare with how easily accessible, the star Aryan Khanna (played by SRK) became for Gaurav (all of a sudden!!), the long stretched chases (without anyone getting tired.. while I was tired, just watching them run so much!) and much more of such unreal stuff..  Basically it felt like they didn’t know what to do with the psycho fan.. However I liked the last few dialogues and the message it gave, to such crazy look alike fans…who lose their own identity, trying to copy the movie stars..

In short, if you are a SRK fan, you would like it because we (the fans) haven’t seen any movie of SRK in a long time, where he has done any acting.. So SRK fans will enjoy watching him as Guarav. In my opinion the movie is average – good,  frankly more than what I expected it to be. But if you are not an SRK fan, don’t bother!


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