Sunglasses Organization

I see hundreds of awesome home organizing ideas on Pinterest, which look great but aren’t very practical for a family with 3 kids, living in an apartment….(Well yeah, as much as I would love to have a dedicated arts and craft room with everything neatly organized and on display…that can’t happen living in an apartment with 3 kids!). In my earlier post (read it here if you missed that..) where I told you all about my passion for organizing stuff and implementing the solutions for small living spaces, I promised that I would tell you about ideas that I have implemented in my home! 

So I decided to do an Organization for you guys.. where I would share the organization hacks that are working great for me. And here is the first one..


Have you been in a situation where, you are at the door…. about to leave…. and one of the kids is looking for a specific pair of sunglasses, which he/she cannot find and would not agree to wear any other one!! Well , we did .. though I had a specific drawer for their sunglasses..but they would all just get mixed up .. and they would never find what they were looking for!

I saw this idea of using a frame to hang the sunglasses, so I made one to hang on the inner side of the closet door. It is super easy to do and works great..  So lets get on with how I made it.

Stuff that you will need for this: 043

I got the FISKBO Frame from Ikea, since its very light weight (as I wanted to mount it using the double sided tape), available in lovely colors for kids, with a plastic sheet/screen instead of glass, and it was for 11 QAR only!

I had some left over black and white stripes, left over cloth from another project I did (I will tell you about that in a later post) and some colored ribbons.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. I hot glued the black and white fabric on the plastic sheet (you can use any card board  sheet as well but the plastic worked just fine). Make sure its nicely stretched out and not loose before you glue it.Sunglassesholder
  2. Then cut the ribbons pieces( a little bigger than the width of the sheet) and hot glue them as well, to the back of fabric covered plastic sheet.(I hot glued the ribbons on the fabric half way in the middle as well, across the width, so it won’t hang down with the weight of the glasses..)Sunglasses3
  3. Put it in the frame and its ready to mount on a wall/ door.Sunglasses frame
  4. I made two, one for the boys closet and one for my daughter .Used the doubled sided tape to mount them and DONE!Sunglasses5

Super easy , very functional ,a space saver and low cost solution to storing glasses – Perfect for small space living! And I have an empty drawer (to keep other stuff). YAAAAY!!!


Sunglasses4What do you think?


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