The “Floral Mania”… I have these days..

coverLike every woman, I love shoes.. but I am not the brand conscious, fancy shoe type woman.. I LOVE my traditional Khussas and Kolhapuri chappals! I wear them with jeans or with traditional clothes.. they go with both!

My Pakistani khussa collection..


Me and my husband were at someone’s home for a dinner, when I got my cousins whatsapp message about Needledust and I clicked on the link .. and I was soo distracted the whole dinner.. I couldn’t concentrate on ANYthing! And I hated myself for being on the phone at someone’s dinner.. BUT I couldn’t help my feelings.. I was falling in love.. and way out of control!

So wondering what is this NeedleDust??? Its a Khussa (they call it Jutti) store in India and I fell head over heels (well.. no heels in khussas though, but you know what I mean..). They have the most GORGEOUS Khussas I have EVER seen in my life! (and that’s NO exaggeration!).  After a lot of confusion on what to order (cause I want them ALL!), we finally decided to order one each for size issues and then see.. and yesterday I received my order! 😀

I won’t write much and let the pictures tell you why I LOVE them! We ordered three pairs.. mine, my cousin’s and my daughters..  I ordered them online on Thursday and received my order on Tuesday in Doha.. straight from Delhi 🙂

Mother – Daughter Khussas
My daughter’s..
My cousin’s…
And mine……. *sigh*

They are great quality Khussas, very very comfortable…  I LOVE them (Am I saying it too many times??? , but who cares… I love them like MAD!)


Needle Dust Details:


FaceBook Page:


And You’re Welcome Ladies! (Sorry husbands 😉 )


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