Happy Father’s Day, Dads!


Father’s day gets me very very emotional… as this is the second one, after my abbu passed away in September 2014..  but it still hurts.. A LOT! Sometimes I just want to reach out to him.. to hear his voice.. or just simply hug him! I long to do that sooo much .. Wish I had done that more often, when he was with us..  One can’t realize this pain until you lose a parent.. and losing a father is like being exposed to direct heat of a scorching sun.. after being protected with his presence all your life..  All of a sudden, its like.. as if there is no roof above you…

Everyone has to go through it one day.. so please make the most of it now, when you have the chance.. because one day.. he will be gone.. forever… and you will be left longing for him. Go give your fathers a big hug!

My dad getting my aqeeqa done 🙂

My abbu was an amazing man! And I am not just saying this because he was my dad.. I have never met anyone, who knew him and doesn’t have an imprint of his kindness, on their hearts. He was a very middle class, a very ordinary guy with a BIG heart of a gold and that made him very very special for a lot of people. I am so proud to be his daughter. To read more about him , check my blogpost here.

Anyways, this father’s day is very special for my husband and the father of my 3  kids.. His birthday is falling on Father’s day.. and that is sooo apt. He is an amazing father! Sometimes I feel he has more ‘mamta’ in him than me (lol).   . He is the most hands on father, I have ever seen in my life.. Imagine this.. he used to bathe our newborns ALONE.. (with me assisting him.. or just simply worrying that the baby will slip out of his hands or something, lol). I have NEVER EVER given a bath to a new born .. (See I told you he has more mamta in him, than me :). He is literally a SUPER DAD (MashaAllah!).

Super Dad
To download -Right click and save target as.

So this Father’s day, I got him a customized SUPER DAD t-shirt made , with our kids name on it (which is I have censored in the picture below). I designed the printable (you can download it for FREE ), got a plain blue shirt and got it printed (from Virgin Bookstore). 002

I also took a picture of my kids feet, with the message “We Love Dad” on it and framed it to put it his office :). I  had seen this idea on Pinterest and wanted to re-create it..  but trust me, it wasn’t easy (AT ALL! )with my three monkeys! 033a-2

I love this figurine of a New Dad from the Willow Tree Collection, (my cousin gave it to my husband when our daughter was born) and I simply ADORE it! I just love the simplicity of the loving gesture it portrays and it always reminds of the picture of my dad, carrying me at my aqeeqa. (You can check out their collection at http://www.willowtree.com )027

A few years back, I tried to make a cake for my husband with this figurine as a topper. (I had not done the advanced cake decorating courses at that time and hence the amateur topper 🙂 ).But he LOVED it – so mission accomplished! 🙂Cake Collage

A very happy father’s day to all the new and old dads around and a very heart felt one to the dads in heaven.. still looking out for us..

Until next time.. Ciao.


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