Nurturing The Love For Islam In Kids: Little Ummati

CoverThis Ramzan, the focus in our home has been on kids.. getting them involved and teaching them about Islam, in a fun way (if you have missed the post on how I tried to do that .. read it here). If you liked that post.. you are going to LOVE this one!

A very (read VERYYY) talented friend of mine, who has lots of feathers in her cap, but to name just a couple of them.. She is a Super mom and a very talented graphic designer . She is married to a friend of mine, who belongs to an equally talented family.. There is no Art form, that this family is not blessed with.. They are a family of designers, crafters, photographers, writers etc. etc. .. I have never seen so much creativity in ONE family MashaAllah! I always say to her that..”She and her husband… were Hand Crafted for each other!” (MashaAllah!)

She and her other siblings have recently started a small scale business for their special needs brother, Fasih. They have  designed Islamic tarbiyah products for children and have set up an online store as well, to bring those absolutely brilliant products in our lives, to help raise our little ummatis and nurture the love for Islam in their hearts. Their products are so creative, beautiful, affordable and they deliver to your door (within Pakistan). 10858475_658429414268799_3240750707526053565_n

Before I tell you more about Little Ummati and their products.. Let me tell you something.. When I saw Little Ummati’s products, I fell in love instantly! I knew I had to feature this on my blog. At that time, I had no idea of the very inspiring story about how and why Little Ummati came into existence. But today when I came to know about it, I feel privileged and honored to be telling this story on my blog! It so heart touching, what these siblings are doing for their special needs brother, to become financially independent.

Fasih, a special needs person has represented Pakistan in Special Olympics and bagged many medals for the country but sporting career at Special Olympics Pakistan is short lived because they want to give everybody a chance. So once Fasih was done with his time with Special Olympics Pakistan ,his family felt the need to get him busy and financially independent. When asked, what it is that he would like to do he said he wanted to open a shop of Islamic books but his elder brother strongly advised against it saying..

“Sadly in a city like Karachi,where people are so polarized and often intolerant about any group or affiliaiton other than their own, which “group” will you advocate? Whose books will you keep, aik ki hartaal hogi tou woh aakay dukaan bund karwa dein gey, doosray ka ihtejaaj hoga tou woh aakay dukaan jala dein gey…” *sigh*

After much thought, it was finally concluded that the “Islam” of children is the most simple and uncomplicated form of religion! They decided to work on getting kids to love praying Salah, loving Allah, following the ways of Rasoolullah (SAW) and being proud muslims.. that way they will not be stepping on any toes.. and thus Little Ummati was born

Fasih – the man behind the vision and mission of Little Ummati

In the past, the family had tried to set up a shop for him but just as there were some people appreciating that he was striving to earn a living by himself, unfortunately there were many who just came by his shop to bully or ridicule him.. (what a shame that is..but that’s the sad reality of our society). The family , realizing that public dealing was not his forte, setup an online shopping platform and now it is heartening to see that he manages to process all orders, print receipts, pull out items from inventory and package them independently Alhamdulillah.

Many a times he goes and personally delivers the orders and is concerned about his customers. He has even sent handwritten apology notes when an order or two got delayed while they were still working out and refining their production processes.

Led by Fasih, the Team Little Ummati comprises of :

  • a very creative and loving sister (my friend) – who does the product and web design (she had already been working on fun ways to engage her own children and is a Super mom, so this came naturally to her..)
  • A talented and supportive brother – who is a professional photographer from Indus Valley School, and takes care of the photography of the products.
  • Another affectionate and thoughtful brother -who is studying at IBA and is volunteering his time to take care of marketing and social media.
  • A caring and talented sister in law – who is also a Software developer from FAST, and has developed the Little Ummati app for Ramzan.
  • And last but definitely not the least ,a strong and nurturing mother- who runs around helping Fasih manage the orders and production of the products. Salute to her..for raising such amazing children, MashaAllah!.

What an AMAZING story.. what an AMAZING family.. MashaAllah! I feel honored to be bringing their story to you.

Now coming back to their products….Though all of their products are brilliant, I definitely have some personal favorites..13493763_10154075058790751_397947708_o

Sabr Super Power Cape and Badges

“How absolutely Brilliant is that!!!!  How did she even think of this??! “

Those were my thoughts, when I saw my friend make these for her daughter on her first roza.. and was soo soo delighted to see these cape sets on the Little Ummati site! What a fun way to teach them about being patient …Plus these can be used, not only during Ramzan, but also for teaching and encouraging them to practice patience in every day life! This is my absolute favorite Super Power! How I would love to have 3 little Super heroes with Sabr Super Power in my home.. (*sigh* – like every other mum… )sabr


I love these super fun table mats with reminders on following the Sunnah of using the right hand to eat and prompts to say Bismillah when beginning to eat and ending with an Alhamdulillah of gratitude. placemat

And they can be personalized as well, with your little ones name..

Photo Credits – Little Ummati



Prayer Mats

Get the little ones motivated with these adorable hand stitched prayer rugs, with matching motivation badges and prayer beads. The prayer rugs come in 3 different sizes and lots of different colors.. Make your little ones Namaz time, a little colorful and special, just like them!Prayers mats


Welcome Ramadan App

What an absolutely fun way to a productive Ramzan.. Welcome Ramadan App (an android app) is a 30-day activity journal for young kids. A new activity will unlock each day of Ramzan, which could be a Craft or a Learning Activity. Do check it out..

Photo Credit – Little Ummati



 And LOTS More!

They have some absolutely wonderful products..  I have ordered mine and patiently waiting for my Sabr Super Power badge 😀 (I might use it too for my own self at times 🙂).

Do VISIT and LIKE their Facebook page and check out their Online Store! Please support these awesome siblings in such an amazing venture! Not only is their intention so noble and kind, but the products they offer are equally brilliant!

Facebook Page :

Online Store :

And a special SURPRISE coming your way – this Eid!

Little Ummati has been very kind to give one of our readers Eidi, for their little one. YES! We have a wonderful GIVEAWAY from the Little Ummati, which will be announced very soon, so stay tuned for that!


One thought on “Nurturing The Love For Islam In Kids: Little Ummati

  1. Ma Sha heart goes out to the loving family who are supporting a special member with self respect and creativity. Have liked the page on FB and In Sha Allah will order after Eid as last ashra of Ramadhan is rather busy..thanks for this wonderful and inspiring blog Sheherbano


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