RIP- Amjad Fareed Sabri

Image Credit – Unknown

Today, is a very sad day for Pakistan… A legend, an asset of our nation, the very talented, a qawwali extraordinaire and maestro himself – Amjad Sabri was shot dead in Karachi today.  (News Report


He was a man with international fame, who had a voice rich with the emotion of a faithful devotee of God, His Prophet and the Prophet’s family. His assassination is yet another failure for Pakistan…. The nation is deeply saddened by the tragedy.

Today, the social media is pouring with news and views about his death.. with articles saying…

Silenced too soon…” or

“Amjad Sabri‘s tremendous voice was silenced by a senseless act of violence……” or

“A divine voice silenced too young…” or

“the beautiful voice of Amjad Sabri is forever silenced by gunmen in Karachi…” or

“Extremism silences a beautiful voice…” or

“A voice of love silenced today in Karachi…” etc. etc,

But what nobody is realizing, NOT even his murderers… that his voice can NEVER BE SILENCED! His qawwalis will stay alive in our hearts… his love for the Prophet (SAW) will stay alive through his kalam…. They have killed him.. but his voice is eternal and his qawwalis are immortal. His soul will live through his qawaalis forever within all of us … His voice is beautiful and its timeless…

Another very humble request to people sharing the video of his body in his car, right after he was shot. Please, STOP!!!!
Just ask yourself one question, before you hit the play or share button on that gruesome video..

Would you share it if he was your relative or loved one? 

I am sure,  you won’t! Its painful for his family and disrespectful to him. Social media usage comes with some social responsibilities as well. Please think and DO NOT share such videos or graphic pictures. Pay your respect to the departed soul.

Khof e toofan hai, bijliyoon ka hai dar
Sakht mushkil hai aaqa kidhar jayein hum
Aap hi gar na lein gay, hamari khabar
Hum museebat kay mare kidhar jayein gay...


Some of the unforgettable master pieces by the maestro,. May he rest in eternal peace.

Bhar De Jholi

Taj Daar-e-Haram

 Mera Koi Nahin hai …

Ali ke Saath hai

And his very last kalam today…



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