Sitamgar September…

sitamgarSeptember has become one of those months that I don’t look forward to – AT ALL! No offense to anyone who have their birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates during this month..  2 years ago, I didn’t have this bias towards September as well..

My dad always used to say that September was a month of major significance in his life.. he was born (Sept. 17th), got married (Sept. 22nd) and lost his older brother (Sept. 18th) – all in the month of September. He used to tease my mother regarding their wedding anniversary being in September as well…

“Bara bharee para hai mere zindagi pe yeh maheena..” 

The September of 2014 – the toughest time ever, in our lives… we celebrated his last birthday in the ICU.. we celebrated Ammi Abbu’s 45th anniversary in the ICU…and 2 days later he left us..

2 years ago today, on 25th September 2014, my dad passed away.. with his hand in my hand…. I saw him leave this world… I saw him taking his last breaths, I felt his hands losing their warmth… I couldn’t sleep for months.. because every time I closed my eyes, it would play like a movie in my mind… He just slipped out of my hands…… with all of us helpless beside him. Seeing death, this up close and personal changed everything for me….. everything!

The immortal belonging of us mortal beings… My dad’s ring which I treasure more than anything!

Losing a parent is like getting exposed to the direct scorching sun.. like someone has taken the roof above your head… It can not be explained in words but only understood when someone loses a parent. I never understood it before that day… I never felt that pain, before that day.. but there is an ACTUAL pain that you feel in your heart!

August 2014… If only I could feel the warmth of his hugs ..just one more time..

My granddad’s death (who I used to call my best friend and who coincidently passed away in September as well ).. was a horrible time for our family… my first experience of losing a loved one.. I was in my teens at that time.. and it hurt badly… Although, we miss him so dearly… but I don’t feel that pinching pain in my heart whenever I remember him….(I am sure my mum does..). Instead, my heart fills up with warm ,loving  and happy memories of him…BUT not incase of Abbu…I feel a sharp pain, in my chest when I think about him..

My dad was an amazing man.. (read more about him here.. ).I am SO proud to be his daughter!

Can I please ask you to recite a Surah-e-Fateha for my father…

Dr. Hasan Bin Ahmed Rizvi s/o Syed Hussain Ahmed Rizvi

17 September 1941- 25 September 2014



4 thoughts on “Sitamgar September…

  1. Dr Ghazala Inamulhaq

    I am so sorry about your loss.Your father must have been wonderful man

    May Allah bless him with the highest place in Jannat
    He died young he was just in his sixties


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