My Recipe Book and More…


After almost an year of coming into the blogging world, I wanted to take this opportunity  to tell my followers , of how grateful I am for their love and support. I cannot put into words,the immense pleasure it gives me when people tell me that they tried a certain recipe and loved it.. I have valued every single message, be it from friends or from total strangers. It’s amazing how far things go on social media.. I have had the most amazing and astonishing experiences! I get so overwhelmed to see the feedback on the recipes I have posted. Thank you for all the love!

Initially when I entered the blogging world, I kept asking my husband, if i will ever start making any money out of it…like professional bloggers do. And he kept saying, keep on building your site’s content… But then one day, during Ramzan, a lady messaged me after trying out a recipe, that her kids love it and she gave me so many duas (prayers) for sharing them.. and that day it hit me! This is much more precious than making money. The love and prayers I am earning, is so worth the effort I put in all my posts. If I can touch and make a difference in the life of even one human being.. its all worth it..

The MOST popular section of the blog is the “Recipe Of The Week”.  But I am often asked a few questions by my readers, like..

  • They sometimes miss the recipes I post on Facebook,
  • or struggle to get the link to the recipe page,
  • or if the pictures I use in my recipes are mine or do I take it off the internet.

So, let me tell you… Yes! the pictures used in all my recipes are taken by me.. they are not off the internet.. they are the actual result of the posted recipe. In fact,most of the pictures on the blog are shot by me( I enjoy playing with my camera…) and if they are not my photos .. you would see a picture credit underneath the photo. I try to take pictures step by step during the whole cooking process, to show how the food would look at each stage. 🙂

Now regarding the problem of missing the posts on Facebook.. If you don’t want to miss any post, you can change the notification settings on my blog page. This would ensure that  instead of the new recipe getting lost in your Facebook news feed, you will get a notification every time I post something.notification-setting-2

The recipes I have posted until now are all available on ONE page (Menu -> From My Kitchen ->Recipes) or directly access through the link  

(You can bookmark the link if you don’t want to go through the blog menu..)

You will get the list of all of my recipes, divided into categories like Desserts, Juices and Smoothies, Snacks, Chutneys and Sauces, Chicken, Seafood, Vegetarian and Beef and Mutton. You can click on the recipe to get the detailed recipe.

Hope this helps! Have fun cooking and do let me know if you try any of the recipes! I love hearing from you!



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