I Need A Favor, Guys!

expatblogcoverI am soo excited to tell you guys that the blog is now listed on the Expat Blogs directory! YAYYYY!!!!  I cannot thank you guys enough for supporting and liking the blog so much.. BUT wait.. I still need a BIG favor from ALL of you! PLEASE READ ON!

Expat Blogs is an international directory of all the blogs of expats, listed by countries they live in.This is an awesome site, if you want to look for local bloggers in your country. I am now (very proudly) listed as a Pakistani -Qatar Expat Blogger.


And that is why you must have noticed this Expat Blog Featured Blog badge on my website.badge-featured-blog-dblue-125

So, here is what I need your help with.. Please click on the link below.. and leave your rating and comments for the blog there!  You will see a comment box like this on the page (you will have to scroll a lil down )screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-10-29-51-pm

Do you think my blog has what it takes to be listed at the top of the Qatar blogs?

Please, please , please (ok enough of begging and pestering you guys, sorry for that), but please take the time out to leave your feed back here. It will mean SOOO much! Lets GO! GO! GO!

Here is the link….


P.S.  I love you all! 😉


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