My First Interview, which was NOT for a job position!

Photo credit – Retro Salz

A couple of weeks earlier, I got a message in my inbox from an American Podcaster living in Taiwan which read like this..

Hi Shehar.My name’s James Thomas.I am an expat living in Taiwan and I am the host of the podcast Four Seas One Family. My podcast focuses on expat living and cultural exchanges. I would like to request an interview with you to chat about expat parenting and your blog. Your Facebook page is a wonderful resource for parents raising a family overseas and I would like to share it with my listeners.

My initial reaction..

WHATTT?? Me?? Interview me? This HAS to be a scam!! 😀

So, I asked my husband and we both had a look at his website, and not only did it seem very legit, its actually a VERY nice concept.The main purpose of the podcast Four Seas One Family is to demystify things surrounding expat living and at the same time show that cultures have more in common than most people think. This requires people to be more open-minded and caring. This podcast opens a path to engagement and understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds.

Excitement followed by nervousness, took over my nerves! I said ‘Yes’ to the interview and we fixed a date and time for it. It was my first interview, where I was not seeking a job position! (LOL!)

Photo credit – Retro Salz

Though I was nervous, I had a great time chatting with James.. It just ended up being an hour long casual Skype call telling my story, my experiences and about my blog….

So here it is.. my first EVER interview for you guys..


Disclaimer: It’s long…. and I talk A lot! But please listen.. a BIG deal for me 🙂

Thank you guys for all the the love and support xx




4 thoughts on “My First Interview, which was NOT for a job position!

  1. Shehla Tahir

    Dear Shehar Bano,
    It gives me great happiness to see how you’re making progress in leaps and bounds! The blog has come a long way, touching so many people’s hearts.  Congratulations and keep up the fantastic work!
    Sending you lots of love and good wishes for the future.


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