A Musical Tribute – The Legends Lost in 2016


2016 saw quite a few celebrity deaths internationally along with some of our very own Pakistani legends. Legends, who have touched my life at some stage or the other.. like

  • George Michael, whose “Last Christmas” blared through the doors of my (then) teenage brother’s room, when I was probably 7 years old. I would sing it like any other nursery rhyme , way before I understood the meaning of the lyrics.. or
  • Junaid Jamshed, whose music was a humongous part of my own teenage years.. or
  • Amjad Sabri, whose qawwalis struck the Sufism cords within my soul.. or
  • Edhi Sahab, who was an epitome of compassion… a philanthropist and a humanitarian like no other.. a guardian angel for the poor and needy Pakistanis.

They all have had a impact on my life.. and I am sure I am not the only one.. Many of you would somehow relate to these legends.

My very talented brother in law Raza, who is a Chartered Accountant at work but a Rockstar at home. The most unbelievable fact about him is that he has never received formal training to play the guitar and yet he plays brilliantly.. He doesn’t know the names of the chords AT ALL, but has a musical ear and plays with his heart… literally! He composed a BRILLIANT medley for my blog ..  a tribute to these 4 legends. So here is the tribute from us to the legends lost in 2016.

Hoping for a less eventful 2017!










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