A very special Holiday season for us…


It’s my favorite time of year again.. Winter holidays.. Karachi time.. and New Year vibes all around! And a Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate it! This year, its been a little extra special.. and a proud moment for me as a mother…

My 8 year old daughter, participated in an Interschool drawing competition organized by  PAWS Rescue Qatar . PAWS is a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for homeless animals until they can be placed in responsible, loving homes.dsc_0198

The theme of the competition was ‘Animals in different weather’.  She drew two bunnies, sitting together in the snow.. and the drawing is looking at them from the back.. ( I have a strong feeling, its inspired by seeing her parents obsessed with their pictures taken from the back…LOL. To know more.. read here)1

The selected drawings were printed in the PAWS 2017 Calendar and their Christmas cards.. And she won! (Yes, she actually did, among sooooo many kids! How cool is that!). PAWS printed her drawing into Holidays cards..dsc_0194

I am super duper proud of her!!! Here is her design printed into xmas cards. And the money raised from the sales of the these cards, help the animals at the shelter.. (an that’s even more cool!)dsc_0196

Happy holidays everyone! And wishing everyone a very happy new year from our family to yours!






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