A Unique Date Night In Doha!


And its February again.. the time of the year where love is in the air, with everyone celebrating their love and loved ones on Valentine’s day. For us, its extra special because our wedding anniversary falls in February and this year we will be celebrating 13 years of marriage! (MashaAllah!)love-is-in-the-air

Me and my husband usually don’t do anything special for Valentine’s day.. cause for us every date night is special.. and Valentine’s day is just one of those days. Also more so because we find other days more personal and worth celebrating like our anniversary (which is btw just 10 days before Valentine’s day).

Having said that we strongly believe in the power of these date nights, specially after having 3 kids. The whole day is chaotic and is focused on them and their activities. And hence, we really value and appreciate the ‘quality’ time we get to spend with each other after putting them to sleep.. whether it be at home watching a series together or going out for a movie/dinner date. Although the kids sleep early everyday, we both are either busy with our own laptops or have our heads buried in our own books. So these weekly ‘planned’, date nights are very precious for us!

My favorite(and the usual) things to do on a date night are:

  • a Movie, either at home with popcorn and a cosy blanket or at a theatre.
  • a Dinner date.. either at any of our favorite restaurant or a candle lit dinner at home!
  • a long walk by the Marina or the beach

But last year, we did something really fun on a date night with Paint The Town,Qatar (read my post on our experience here incase you missed that) and that was one of my favorite date nights ever! Painting together, making mistakes and laughing our heads off- What a fun night that was!

Image Source – Paint The Town Qatar.

It’s a perfect, fun evening spent painting with your loved ones.. be it with your spouse or your friends… everyone there was having a great time!

Image Source – Paint The Town Qatar.

I have been after my girlfriends to have a girl’s night out there but they get apprehensive that they can’t paint at all! But that’s the thing guys,

You can have fun, even if you have never held a brush in your life!

So guys, get out of your comfort zone and try something new! And I bet you will love it!

I have a lovely SURPRISE for all of you… A 20% discount(Yep you heard that right!) for ALL my readers on the ticket of ANY Paint The Town event, during the WHOLE month of February! Now thats what I call, celebrating and spreading love in the month of Love!


To book you tickets, simply

  • go to PaintQatar.eventbrite.com
  • choose the Event you are interested in,
  • click on Tickets
  • and click on Enter Promotional Code – use the code PMP20
  • and checkout!

Hurry up!!! Book your seats quickly as there are limited seats for each session.

So guys and gals, ‘Let’s Paint The Town Red!’ (like literally!)


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