Looking for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?

With Valentine’s day right across the corner… here is an idea that my husband absolutely LOVED!



Hi everyone.. So here we are in February 2016.. the month of love :). Couples all over the world, want to express their love to their partners on Valentine’s day.. some do with expensive gifts (good for their spouses 😉 ), flowers, cards, dinners and what not..  Cheesy ways.. non cheesy ways or both! 😀

For us, February is special but for a different reason..  we got married in this month (No, not on the 14th! That would have been cheesy! ) 12 years back! (Yes, a dozen! – can’t believe it! ).  12 years ago, on Feb 4,2004 we started our journey together.. and like every marriage it has been a roller coaster ride with more ups than down ( Thank God for that!).  I moved to Doha with him and here we are today with 12 years of precious memories in this place we call our home for more than…

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