3 Bahadur Birthday Party


It all started this December when we visited Karachi and the kids went to watch the animated movie, 3 Bahadur by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy Films. 3 Bahadur is Pakistan’s first animated movie and it is about 3 kids with super powers who fight the bad guys and save the world. The first part was released in 2015, but my kids watched the second part “The Revenge Of Baba Balam” in cinema. They loved it so much that we had to dig the first part out and watch it later on You Tube.

When the boys asked me that they want the 3 Bahadur themed birthday, I tried my best to talk them out of it. The reason being, I knew I would find NOTHING of the theme that I could buy off the shelf! But the kids have been living in those characters ever since they stepped out of the theatre. My 3 monkeys think that they ARE Amna, Saadi and Kamil from the 3 Bahadur movie!  Also, since they are learning Urdu these days, my husband jumped at yet another opportunity to get them excited about Urdu and Pakistan and hence it was decided – 3 Bahadur it was!

I tried to google “3 Badahur Party” and it got me images from the 3 Bahadur movie premiere! Forget about merchandise, it was a struggle finding any HD images as well! (except a few from 3 Bahadur Facebook page or the Waadi Animations website)I literally had to contact Waadi animations (through a couple of my contacts) to get the images (and yes they actually came to my rescue!).

Needless to say, my kids were over the moon! They enjoyed every bit of planning, helping me with the preps and of course had a blast at the party! Specially my lil Kamil.. his reactions were just priceless! And that just made ALL the effort I put in this party, worth all the trouble!

This birthday party, we got the kids on-board and did a NO-GIFT celebration for a very special cause. We asked our guests to contribute towards the screening of the movie 3 Bahadur, for the kids of an orphanage in Pakistan. These kids who have never been to a cinema will be watching 3 Bahadur- The Revenge of Baba Balam in cinema. Our guests donated generously for the cause and we are currently working with Waadi Animations to make that happen!

Although we have done the No-Gift celebrations before as well, but my kids were younger at that time and had no concept of birthday gifts – so it was simpler. But this time we had to explain it to them, of how blessed they are (Alhamdolilah) and how we can help the other under privileged kids in Pakistan. I am so so proud of them for getting on onboard in a heart beat!

My 5 year old just asked me this (and my heart swelled with love at his innocence and simplicity!)

“Mama, would we get the goody bags like the other guests?

So lets get started on the all the DIY’s I did for this birthday.

The 3 Bahadur Attire

When were in Pakistan, my sister gave a 3 Bahadur kurt to my daughter from Ideas by Gul Ahmed (they stock the official 3 Bahadur merchandise). The moment my sons saw that kurta, I knew I HAD to get them the 3 Bahadur shirts too but couldn’t find it as they were out of stock. So I decided that I will get their personalized T-shirts printed and I did!

The 3 Bahadur merchandise from IDEAS – my daughter’s kurta and another Bahadur at the party 🙂
Saadi and Kamil’s personalized T-shirts

Party Hats

Next, I designed the template for the party hats. I then printed them, glued them onto card stock paper, cut and rolled the cone, glued it together, added an elastic band and topped it with a pom pom.

You can download it from the Resources section at the end of this post.


Water Bottles

I find the themed water bottles really cute and so easy to do that I almost make them for every party I throw.  My daughter loves to rip away the original labels off the bottles and glue these on.

You can download it from the Resources section at the end of this post


Goody Bags

Making themed goody bags is really simple. I printed the ‘Shukriya’ label (you can download it at the end of this post, in the Resources section) and glued them on Orange and Green bags (the colors of Saadi and Kamil’s shirts).  The goody bags had the regular goodies (markers, cookies, candies and all) and a 3 Bahadur coloring book! (more on that coming up!)

What went inside…
The Goody Bags

The Coloring Book

Now what got really popular among the kids and which I loved as well was the 3 Bahadur Coloring books that my husband made! (I was so surprised and impressed by his efforts). Never in my life of doing these theme parties has he EVER taken so much interest! But since he is so keen on kids learning Urdu (and have arranged for Urdu weekend classes for kids with the Pakistan Embassy School here), even he was excited about this birthday! He used an app to convert the images into coloring pages and added the Urdu text – which are the lyrics/ dialogues of the 3 Bahadur movie (you can download the coloring book at the end of this post, in the Resources section.)dsc_0204

Pin The Tail On Gabru

My kids suggested to make the game, “Pin The Tail On Gabru” (you can download the printable at the end of this post). For those who don’t know, Gabru is the name of Kamil’s pet dog in the movie.

We don’t have any pet at the moment but my kids have already decided that our ‘future’ dog (that we adopt) will be called Gabru! 3bahadurgame

Photo Booth

I absolutely love Photo booths and cannot do WITHOUT one!

Photo Booth Backdrop

For the backdrop, I customized the 3 Bahadur poster, printed it (about more than a meter high) and glued them on thick foams boards. My kids were delighted with how it turned out and are having difficulty parting with it.. so it is now in their bedroom (and I believe it will stay there till it is ripped into pieces!).

The making of the backdrop..

Photo Booth Props

For the props, I made these speech bubbles with the famous dialogues of the movie..again in Urdu script, because my husband won’t miss a chance to teach them Urdu.dsc_0196

The Party Photo Album


Click on the links to download for FREE personal use only!


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