The Very Exciting Project With Pith

copenhagen-2Remember my post on the hidden gems of the shopping scene in Karachi? (Read here if you don’t). In that post I told you about this very cool store called Pith which has some funky stuff ranging from items of personal use to home decor.

In that post I mentioned that I have something VERY EXCITING coming up with Pith and NOW is the time that I tell you about it!

It all started with my husband buying me a new iPad Pro for my illustration work. While exploring and playing around with it himself, he made this illustration of his Ishq for Pakistan  which says “Ishq” (love) along with the Pakistani flag.

His art work.. on MY iPad 🙂
According to him,
“Ishq is an idea that has grown on me over a period of time. I have learnt it from Ghalib, Iqbal and Faiz. It brings you so close to God that you realize who you really are. You realize your self worth, you realize the human potential and the promise of humanity. Pakistan is nothing but the people of Pakistan and its the amalgamation of Ghalib’s, Iqbal’s and Faiz’s Ishq that our nation needs to fall in love with itself again. Fall in love with everyone again. No green is bigger than the white and no white is bigger than the green, in Ishq when we swirl… we are one color. We are one. And it’s our oneness that makes us who we were set out to be.”

Then, we went to Karachi and I took him to Pith ( I knew he would like that store) and he also loved it as much as I did! We did some crazy shopping there and then he had an idea! ! He wanted to get his illustration made into a scarf. He discussed it with designer there and they decided to make a scarf with ‘Ishq’ written all over it. Later, we discussed with Sajid sahab (the owner of Pith) that if they like the scarf, they can use the design for their retail and they did! dsc_0029We got one made in georgette and another one Pith made for us in cotton with Mohsin’s name below every flag (thats not the one in retail… thats just for me 😀 )

My very personalized Ishq 😉

pithThe scarf is now available at Pith for their 23rd March collection designed by my husband…Mohsin Mujtaba!!


Wohoooo isn’t that so cool!?!

Pith has the stock available now and it retails for Rs 1500. So go and grab yours NOW!

from Pith Instagram 




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