Doha – The NEW City Of Lights!

Doha- The New City of Lights-213 years ago when we moved from Karachi (which is also called the City of Lights and is one of the most vibrant cities in the world!) to Doha, we never knew we would stay here for so long!

The initial plan was to stay here for 5 years, do some savings and then possibly move on or move back home. But not only did the city grow tremendously (infrastructure wise), it’s thriving energy rubbed off on us as well and we lingered on. We grew with the city – both as individuals and as a family.

Doha has a very special place in our hearts as our married life started here, all 3 of our children were born here and a lot of other milestones of our life happened here. It’s home away from home.

We have witnessed the Qatar’s incredible growth in the last one decade. It seems really hard to believe when we look at the old pictures of the city we moved to. (Read here if you wanna know more about our experience of life in Qatar some 13 years ago). 

Doha Skyline 2004

The development, expansion, progress and advancement Qatar has made in the last 10 years or so, has been phenomenal.  In 2004, West bay had a few towers, City Centre and Sheraton – that’s it! And now Doha Westbay has become one of the most beautiful downtowns I have ever seen! We have seen the evolution of a small, slow-paced town into this electrifying NEW City of Lights! (quite literally! lol)

So, here are few latest pictures of Doha’s Vibrant Downtown (with some fireworks during the Qatar International Food Festival 2017) through my lens…

Enjoy the album!

(P.S. This was my first attempt at Long Exposure Photography and trying to capture Fireworks over a course of two nights)


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