How We Spent SIX Hours @ QIFF 2017!!

QIFF-CoverThis year’s Qatar International Food Festival at Hotel Park, West Bay has been amazing! I hardly went to the previous ones, because of the proximity of the venue and the parking issues there.DSC_0114 But this year, I have been there 3 times in the last one week!! The venue is GREAT with amazing views of the Doha Skyline, the weather is PERFECT  (not too hot, not too cold!), AND so so much FUN for the entire clan!DSC_0142I wasn’t planning on doing a post about it until yesterday when someone asked me if I would do a post on it. So I thought, why not! Though its just the last two days and festival finishes tomorrow, I will tell you why you SHOULD visit this weekend, before it wraps up! (What a shame though.. I wish it could stay on for longer!)DSC_0156Yesterday me and a friend, took the kids to Hotel Park directly from school. We changed them into their swimming costumes (btw, lots of clean bathrooms and prayers rooms along with lots of underground parking!) and they had a blast at the splash pad/fountains.

My 3 monkeys!

The weather was perfect for them to splash around on a warm sunny day! They spent a couple of hours there! (I was so tempted to join them as well). Once they were done(finally), we changed them and got them some snacks to eat! Needless to say, the food options are endless! DSC_0087By this time, the husbands joined us as well, directly from their offices. We ate and chatted and ate some more, enjoying the perfect breeze while the kids kept busy with so many activities. There was LIVE Music and Kids Shows, Movie under the stars, Magic shows, Painting Activities, a Reading Corner with loads of books, a shaded Playground, some Foosball tables and other games!DSC_0140The kids had a ball running up and down the beautiful green hills of Hotel Park, set against the lovely backdrop of Doha’s Downtown!

DSC_0159How can any event in Doha be complete without a little bit of Qatari culture and tradition? And hence the adorned riders with their horses!QIFF1Another thing that I LOVE about Qatar, is the Art scene here! There are artists everywhere, adding soul to any event! So mesmerising to look at the artists creating their masterpieces! At QIFF, even the art was all around food! QIFF3While I was absorbed in this art, the kids were mesmerised to see the Ice Carving Competition. It’s such a skill to create a sculpture out of a block of ice!QIFF2I obviously took a walk around with my camera to capture some shots of the beautiful Doha Skyline, and bumped into so many people I knew 😀 DSC_0179DSC_0194There was so much to do that we don’t know how the 6 hours went by! We reached there at about 2 pm and left right after the grand finale, which were the Fireworks! (The fireworks happen every day at 8 pm sharp!). DSC_0211If you love Fireworks, you can still catch them at 8 pm tonight and tomorrow!

DSC_0216The kids had so much fun! My little one passed out and slept in the car, even before we left the underground parking!

What We Ate There? Here Are My Top 5 Favourites!

From the three days I went to the Food festival and tried a few things, here are my tops 5!

1. Shrimp and Asparagus Sushi Rolls from Nobu @ Four Seasons Hotel.

I have been to QIFF 2017, three times and every time I have had this! (Yes, All 3 times!). Nobu Sushi for 30 Riyal!QIFF4

2. Dahi Batata Puri @ Zaffran Cafe

Crispy puris with a sweet and tangy sauce! This was a winner for me among ALL the desi stalls! I tried a couple of them over the 3 days!17820526_10158469905025635_11427012_o

3. Coconut Water  @ Evergreen Organics

It’s an ABSOLUTE must! It was sold out the first 2 days I tried to get my hands on it, but I got lucky the third time! Refreshing!17838371_10158469904765635_1903168644_o-2

4. Pani Puri @ Zaffran Cafe

I don’t have a picture of it because I gulped it down in like 2 mins! I find the Indian way of doing the ‘Pani’ different than the Pakistani way, but it was still yum!

5. Wagyu Beef Burger from Astor Grill @ St. Regis Hotel

Last but definitely not the least, had it three times as well!  Sorry, no picture of it either, but it was one of the Best Burgers EVER!  Must try!

So, if you haven’t already been there, you MUST visit this weekend! And in case you have been, let me know what did you like?


QIFF 2017, ends this Saturday!

Until next time!


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