A Bit Of Eternal Spring In Doha..

Eternal SpringYep, you read that right! And No, I am not talking about the Eternal Springtime sculpture by the French artist Auguste Rodin, depicting a pair of lovers. (Lol!).

The gorgeous tulips in Chicago

I was in the USA last week for a very short trip to attend my sister’s PhD commencement ceremony. Spring was in full bloom there, with tulips, pink and white trees full of flowers! It was just beautiful! I wanted to bring the greenery and the weather back home… and I was able to do a tad bit of that 🙂

The beautiful Pink Trees in Minneapolis

I absolutely love having greenery around me.. but maintaining a garden (or even just a few plants) in Doha is a bit of a challenge. Not only is the maintenance an issue, the plants are crazy expensive too!  And so are real flowers! As much as I love having fresh flowers around the house, I only end up getting them for special occasions (to go easy on my husband’s pocket! lol).

Artificial Roses from CommercialSilk.com

The obvious solution to my problem – Good Quality Artificial Flowers. I ordered a dozen artificial roses from CommercialSilk.com and the package was awaiting my arrival at my sister’s place!

DSC_0183I was quite pleased with the roses, they in fact seem too pretty to be true!  The flowers do look quite close to the real roses (of course if you look closely you can tell they are not real and there might be better quality available but I am quite content with them) . The stems are capable of being bent or flexed or twisted without breaking , allowing you to do a flower arrangement according to your liking. So glad to have these roses in my home now- all year round!CommercialSilkCommercial Silk International offer artificial plants for landscaping and decorating, including hedges, topiary, palm trees, flowers and more! You can check out their entire catalog at their website






Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with CommercialSilk.com but the views and pictures are entirely my own.


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