Meray Bachoun, Meray Piyaary – A Children’s Day Special


On this Children’s Day, I wanted to share my FAVOURITE nazam of my brother Muslim Rizvi. He is a father of two kids and is raising them in Canada.

Why is it my favourite? Because he has so beautifully written what I, as a parent feel. The dilemma of explaining this complicated world we live in, to our kids. Teaching them about this world, the various religions, and the concept of God and faith. What I have learned so far (and I strongly believe in), is that the best thing you can teach your kids is to be kind to the other beings, and do something for the humanity. If you can raise them as good, kind-hearted humans with the love (rather than fear) of God in their hearts, I think this world would be a much better place.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post is not to offend any religion or sect. It’s just to raise some questions in every body’s mind like, as to why spend so much money on building fancy Mosques, Churches and Temples when in-fact God lives in the hearts of its people.

Watch the video and let me know what you think. Looking forward to your feedback!

Here is the Nazam in Roman and Urdu script, if you prefer to read.One Page - میرے بچوں، میرے پیارے

P.S. I have shared my husband, Mohsin’s poetry with you guys(Read them herehere if you missed them), and another beautiful nazam by my brother, Muslim Rizvi.




7 thoughts on “Meray Bachoun, Meray Piyaary – A Children’s Day Special

  1. Maria

    The poem rightly showcases the dilemma of parents in the ever increasing complicated world of ours. I m not a mom yet but this Is what I dread about parenting the most. The poem serves as a guideline as well for parents!

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