All About My 37th Birthday!

happy birthday-2

I am an 80’s child and turned 37 on Dec 11, although in my head I probably feel 27! Age is really, just a number and you are as old as you feel (seriously!).

I had no plans for the day, except one project I was doing for the blog. It was a fun one and involved getting a makeover, so I thought of doing it on my birthday. And I am so glad I did because I looked good (to myself) and in turn felt good all day!

My birthday celebrations went on for a couple of days and this is a summary of all what happened that made my birthday very special!

The day started with the kids waking me up with a handmade card, a handmade bookmark, a birthday song in Urdu and lots of hugs and kisses!1My gang of girlfriends treated me to a wonderful breakfast at Santa Monica Breakfast Club at Grand Hyatt. Its such a super fun and vibrant place! Loved the colourful murals and had some silly fun pouting, followed by fits of laughter!

Girlfriends are so so important! They will make you laugh and pout in a fancy restaurant and always be there when you need to talk – they hold you up when you need them the most! So blessed to have these girls in my life!
Bday1I had so much fun on this collaboration I did with the very talented photographer Najla from Najla Nabil Photography for Charlotte Tilbury Makeup (and I cannot wait to share that with you guys!). Najla sent me the pictures from this shoot and I am totally in love (talk about self-love! lol! ). Here are some teasers, so stay tuned for more!

Photo credit – Najla Nabil Photography

My husband came back from work and surprised me (well.. not really!) with 37 roses! Every birthday he gives me roses (cause NOTHING makes me happier than getting flowers!) and the number of roses on my birthday is always as much as my age. He has been doing it for the last 14 years and I look forward to my roses every year!

Bday flowersWe went for a quick birthday lunch, as we then had to go the kids’ school Winter concert (my daughter sings in the Choir and plays violin in the Orchestra). Seeing her perform on stage is always special, but it was a bit extra this time, as it coincidently happened on my birthday! Not only does she make me proud as a mum, she makes me believe in my own self. I look at her and I feel that maybe I am doing something right as a mother!School concertMy husband and I had planned to go out for a dinner that night but we were so tired by the time the concert ended, that we cancelled our dinner plan. Instead, I called the spa to check for availability for a massage and luckily got the available slots! A perfect relaxing way to end the day!Spa bdayOn our way back from the massage around 11:30 pm, I had a craving for coffee ice cream and we stopped at a nearby ice cream parlour. My husband went to get my ice cream while I was catching up on birthday messages that were pouring in from around the world! (literally! from family, friends and my readers – it was so overwhelming!). Next thing I hear is a knock on my car window and there he was standing with a candle lit in my ice cream!

4Another friend who couldn’t make it to the breakfast (as she works), treated me to a birthday dinner the next day.  So blessed to have friends like them, who take out time during the week (on a school night!) to make you feel so special! Stay Fit With ActiveThank you, family and friends who took out the time to call me or send me birthday messages and videos. And thank you to all my followers for showering all the love on my birthday.

You ALL made my day!

And just like that – I turned yet another year older!



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