Book Review: Grandad’s Island

DSCF8466Death is a difficult concept and grief is a complex emotion to deal with even for the adults, let alone the kids. When my dad passed away, it was a struggle to explain to my kids where Baba (that’s what they call him) went. Like most of us, we told them that Baba has gone back to ‘Allah Miyan’ (God) where his parents and siblings are and though we are sad,  he’s in a happy place. DSCF8468-2Though my daughter is 9 years old and understands better, my boys don’t quite get it. I recently came across this book Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies(recommended by Drama Mama). My kids have never seen their Paternal Grandfather (Dada) and my dad (their Nana) passed away 3 years ago. Hence the title alone was just enough reason to go for the book in the hope to answer their questions on where Dada and Baba are.DSCF8477-2.jpgGrandad’s Island is a story of a little boy Syd who loses his grandad but before that happens, his grandad takes him on a journey to show his new permanent home. DSCF8471And I must say, I really loved it! It’s a heartwarming, heartbreaking yet such a sweet book, that talks about death without ever using the word itself. It talks about moving on, saying goodbye and gives a visual of the grandad being in a better place.DSCF8474-2The concept of Death is a little difficult for them to actually understand when they are young.  I have seen young kids lose their grandparents and since they don’t know how to express their emotions and the feeling of loss, they just resort to throwing tantrums after tantrums. DSCF8480-2.jpgIf you have recently lost a parent or a loved one, don’t forget that your children are going through the feeling of loss and grief too. They need your help to deal with the grief and this book would help the little ones understand it better. I would highly recommend this book to show them that the deceased loved ones are okay on a beautiful island.


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