Veere-Di-WeddingVeere Di Wedding is a story revolving around the lives of four childhood friends who are at different stages of life (one is single, one is happily married, one is on the verge of getting divorced while one is getting married). 

After watching the trailer, I expected it to be a fun, entertaining chick flick – a good time-pass kinda movie, but it was a DISASTER!

And here are my reasons why!

The script, storyline, screenplay … everything is extremely weak! The plot is just so poorly stitched together – I have no words!

The characterization is also extremely weak with absolutely disappointing acting from everyone including Kareena Kapoor! (I didn’t expect any great acting from Sonam Kapoor anyways). Kareena Kapoor plays a girl who has lost her mother and her home, yet she isn’t convincing in her role at all. There is a scene where she goes to her childhood home and that I thought that would get me really emotional because I recently went through it myself (read here about it), but there were no emotions in that scene at all! It was just so blah! (I have no other word for it!). 

Veere Di Wedding Movie HD Wallpapers Sonam Kapoor
She is super stylish but super annoying as an actor! 


There is a lot of in your face product placement aka advertising in your face! It felt like a big huge commercial!

Kareena Kapoor Khan HD Wallpapers
Expected so much from an actress like her! 

The movie is actually a failed attempt to create a girl gang version of movies like Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and fails miserably! It also tries to copy Sex In the City at places and double fail!30603416_2111983012355149_2324505140331020288_n The movie seems to be trying too hard to break stereotypes and be cool by including a lot of abusive language, sex talk, girls drinking and smoking but it all feels very unnecessary and more of like ‘zabadarsti mein ghussaya hua’! Swearing to be cool isn’t cool!

The movie tries sooo hard to be cool that they have even included an extremely dispensable gay couple (probably inspired by the show ‘Modern Family’) and a Lesbian joke!

And there are a lot of lame jokes! It felt like a bad sitcom!AC-17-Veere

My Verdict:

The movie just has a pretty face (pretty girls in beautiful outfits or the lack of it, driving Bentleys and beautiful locations) but has No SOUL!! Though the movie tried to show the life and the challenges of the urban women who are free-spirited, strong and independent and yet confused and vulnerable when it comes to the choices they make but it just fails to deliver – AT ALL!

My question to the filmmakers  “What the F***  were they thinking!” and to my self after watching the movie was “Why the F*** did I waste 2.5 hours of my life watching the crap!”


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