Gift Idea: Customized Decorated Sugar Cookies By Denise


Yep, those are custom made cookies!  If you want ANYTHING converted into a cookie, Denise is your girl! Denise makes the most amazing sugar cookies that I have ever seen! And I can tell you that because I have done all the Wilton’s Cake Decorating Courses and was doing cakes myself (read about it that here) and know people in the business! A lot of people make cookies but Denise’s work shines through! She simply does it best!

When I saw her Instagram feed, I knew I needed her cookies in my life and also wanted you guys to know her and hence approached her for a collaboration. Here is a glimpse of how awesome her instafeed looks!

Now I just needed a reason to order some cookies from her and then it hit me – Father’s Day!  (the perfect excuse to get a creative birthday/Father’s surprise for my husband). Since Father’s Day and my husband’s birthday fall very close to each other, I ordered some very special ones for him (stay tuned for those in my Father’s Day post -coming soon, and the reaction those cookies got from him – You simply CANNOT miss that one!). 

Meet Denise

When she came for a meeting to my office to discuss our collaboration, she bought my kids some Ommi Doll cookies (how sweet of her!) and luckily we have the same Ommi dolls in our home too! (coincidence or just mere luck – I don’t know, but definitely a photo opportunity!

Denise has a full-time job and spends her evenings decorating cookies. But since she has started, she has been showered with a lot of cookie love in Doha and very rightly so! She is brilliant at her craft!DSCF7277.jpgSo, I had to capture this talented cookie artist in action and find out what happens behind the scenes…DSCF7260From my own experience, I know that a lot of practice, patience, hard work and being a perfectionist is what is needed to be able to make cookies like these! And this lady has got them ALL! Her every cookie design screams that – loud and clear!DSCF7224She can make a cookie of any shape and size because she makes her own cookie cutters too! So basically she can covert ANYTHING you want, into a cookie.

Denise also runs cookie decorating workshops with Hobby House Qatar. So get in touch with her if you want to attend her workshops or get cookies made for a birthday, farewell, work event or kids play date. I’d say, find ANY freakin’ reason to get your hands on these cookies!!


How To Get In Touch With Cookies DIY by Denise

Facebook: @cookiesdiybydenise

Instagram: @cookiesDIYbydenise

WhatsApp: +974 50686683

Denise has graciously sponsored a WONDERFUL EID GIVEAWAY coming up soon on the blog… So stay tuned for that!

Eid Giveaway – coming soon!




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