Book Review – Sheeba and the Private Detectives

I got my hands on the Pakistani comics Sheeba and the Private Detectives – which is a series by AzCorp Entertainment featuring four friends who love education and are determined to challenge illiteracy and ignorance against all odds. The comics are available in both English and Urdu language.

Image Credit – AzCorp Entertainmenr

The four friends Sheeba and her dog Sheru, Reemi and her family pet donkey Tufaan, Qulsoom and Majid (with his backpack), are always up to solve mysteries as a team. These kids have NO super powers but simply use principles of science, math and common-sense to solve mysteries.

DSCF8959-2 With their adventures based in Pakistan, these comics are intended to appeal to children ages 8-13 however my 6 year old enjoyed them as much as my 10 year old!

DSCF8968-2The comics have appealing graphics, great stories and some simple lessons entwined within the stories.

My kids really enjoyed these comics books and my daughter said,

“There is one problem Mama – the comic finishes very quickly… I wish it was longer and I could read more!”

So, yeah definitely need to get my hands on the next volumes of this fun comic series! And would also try out the ones in Urdu language.DSCF8961-2I remember we only had very limited locally created resources and I read a lot of Naunehal magazine. It’s wonderful to see good quality content and books for kids being created and published in Pakistan.

You can order these comics HERE 



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