The Ultimate KARACHI Food Guide!

One of the things that I miss about Karachi the most, is probably the food! There is no place like Karachi when it comes to desi food! And I have realized why! Karachi is such a HUGE and ruthless market that the taste and quality of the food MUST be above average for the restaurant to survive. There is absolutely NO room for average food, and hence we see so many new places shut down within a year of opening.

As a Karachi-ite living abroad, other than a ‘TO DO’ list for things to do in Karachi like shopping, meeting relatives, getting eyeglasses made etc etc.. I have a ‘TO EAT’ list as well. A trip to Karachi can never be complete without it and hence I am finally sharing the things that are on my TO-EAT list! (Link to download the complete list is at the end of this post)Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom

Karachi has soooo sooo many great options that it is humanly NOT possible to list them all in one list. But this is my list which I normally stick to because of various reasons.

  1. Nostalgia.. what I have grown up eating!
  2. Stomach issues… I was born and brought up in Karachi and yet I get stomach issues when I go back home and hence have to play somewhat safe and eat at places that don’t give me tummy problems.
  3. Some new places that I have tried and liked over the recent years and have added to my list.

Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom2

Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom3

Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom4

Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom5

Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom6

Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom7

My Complete Karachi To- EAT list can be downloaded here –>  Karachi Food Guide by The PMP Mom

Share with your foodie friends and let me know what is a MUST eat item for you in Karachi?


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