Beauty On A Budget


coverDoha Ladies, I have got some great news for you! My friends Hitomi and Natalie (who btw are trained therapists themselves) have taken over an already run salon in Doha. Its called Shimmer Beauty and Shapers. This week, I decided to pay them a visit,  and here is my take on it.

I booked myself a Hot Oil Treatment for my hair and a Swedish Massage.

Here is what happened next…



The salon (which is near Old Airport).. was very straightforward to find.  I walked in the salon to find a neat and tidy place, though I  felt nervous about the massage. For me, a massage was always about ..the ambience.. the luxury..  the calming atmosphere….and this place looked very simple and basic to all the previous places I have had massages at (Spas at 5 start hotels only- I know… I know ..I am spoilt!). But that’s exactly what getting a massage was for me..spoiling myself and ofocurse that doesn’t happen every week because it comes with a significant price tag!


I was then taken upstairs to a very basic but neat and clean massage room, with fresh towels and all. I was still nervous but as soon as the massage started and I closed my eyes, a realization struck me… Massage is not all about what I thought it was all along.. (that’s pampering…). Once you close your eyes, you can’t even see the ambience. All that matters is what you can sense and feel.. a good therapist, some good soothing music and a nice aroma.. that’s all you need and that’s what I got! And I am not exaggerating when I say, I had one of the best massages I ever had in Doha.. The therapist was amazing… I kept thinking about all the times I have paid 6 times more and not had such a good massage..(I only paid for the ambience *sigh*).  And yes since I was doing a lot of thinking during the massage about all this,  I definitely need to go again, just to enjoy the massage – with my mind shut! and BTW massage is going to be a part of my regular routine now 😉



Next, the Hot Oil Treatment… Like most of the ladies in Doha, I am losing hair (*sob*).  My hair has been rough and dry lately so I decided for the treatment.. and trust me my hair feels so much softer and better after the treatment.. I am definitely going again for that too.



And ladies look at their prices.. I mean WOW!


They also run monthly offers and have member ship options.. check out their Website and like their Facebook Page so you don’t miss any offers.


And guess what!!!? They gave me some Discount vouchers (valid thru Dec 2015) for you ladies too (yaay!! ). I have 10(5 for 25% off and 5 for 20% off) of these vouchers, which you can get by sending me a Private Message (first come first serve basis ). Grab yours NOW!


And BTW, check out their November Offer below! (Crazy right??)  Hope you had a fun and relaxing weekend too.. (just like mine 😉 ).Until next time.. Ciao.




3 thoughts on “Beauty On A Budget

  1. Sadaf

    I’m new to Doha and really looking for good parlor. After going through ur blog I m pretty excited to go and check this one out but unfortunately I live in west bay and don’t know the routes.
    If u can kindly email the exact location that would be great.

    Thnx and regards

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