Inside Out Birthday Party


Violet recently turned 7 and this year she wanted to have an Inside out themed party. I was not in the mood to do any elaborate parties likes the ones I have done in the past…and basically raised her standards.. (I no more need this therapy .. as we are almost out of the diaper- feed -burp cycle and Jack-Jack is going to the nursery 5 days a week! 🙂  He is still not potty trained though.. we are working on that – irrelevant  details 😛 ).

So I decided that this time I will have the party at McDonalds! My friends were in a shock and denial ( a few of them almost fainted, lol) when I told them the venue. Violet was happy and so was I.. but I couldn’t bring her ( and MY OWN) level down from the ‘Over the top’ themed parties to a very plain ‘Yellow and Red party’ at McDonald’s (everything is yellow and red there ). So I decided to do a little bit of themed décor.

As always, I bought some décor(table cover, tableware and a movie poster from US and Inside out T-shirts for the kids) during our summer break (Yes, I make my kids decide in summer what party theme they want for the upcoming year 😛 – Planning ahead you see!).

Amna's 7th Party 008 (Large)
The Simple Chocolate Cake

There was a restriction at the venue – No outside food allowed , including the Cake! This was a tough one for me.. I make cakes! (I have made every single cake for my kids birthdays …) But I guess, this was the ONLY way to stop me from making one and spending hours on it.  There was another reason I didn’t argue over making my own cake as my baking partner was not here as well(*sob*).  So I just gave them a printout of what I wanted to be printed on the photo cake.. Themed Cake -Done!

photobooth Collage
The Photo booth

I have to have a Photo booth (I just love them). Here’s what I did, I  just pasted the poster on a black cardboard for the backdrop and made a frame from red cardboard. For the Props, I designed (Yes I did by myself- *pat on my own back* 🙂 – link below in the resource section) , printed and pasted on cardboards again. Photo booth – done!

The props
The props (Download link of HD images in Resources below)
The décor and the goody bags

I made Thank You cards (link below in the resource section) and pasted them on solid colored paper bags . Goody Bags -Done!

I downloaded a free printable for water bottle labels (link below in the resource section). Print the lables, rip the old label and paste the new one. Themed water bottles -Done!

I printed some pictures of the movie characters (link below in the resource section). I then put them in these Ikea Tolsby Frame and placed on the table. Center Pieces -Done! (Btw, I have 10 0f these frames and they are best 40 riyals I ever spent. I use them in every party I do.. just change the picture inside according to the theme.. and they are very easy to store as well , you can unscrew them into two pieces and put them away).

This is such a fun theme and can be used for both boys and girls.. The party was a success and looked like a theme party 🙂  I am sharing all my hard work with you guys incase you want to throw an Inside out party! Happy Planning!

P.S : I still haven’t watched the movie! 🙂

Other Printables Collage
Some Free Printables for you ( Download link in  Resources)
Printables Collage
Prints I used for the Ikea Tolsby Frame (Download link in Resources)



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