And we have a Winner for Veggetti!

But before I announce the Winner, I HAVE to say something about this Gorgeous Doha Weather!! It was thundering, lighting and raining like crazy in the morning and though the kids were all ready to go, we decided to keep them home! (Because the last time it rained liked that, it was quite an amusing and adventurous day for us, specially Mr. Incredible! Read the story here). Collage1

Rain back home in Pakistan, is always associated with some yummy food! (Ofcourse! we desis live to eat – NOT eat to live!). What I cooked, that you will get to know in the Recipe of this week.. but for the evening tea, me and mom had a craving to eat Bhel Puri (An indian street food). So a quick fix of that with tea in the balcony! Divine!  So much for healthy eating!! ( These pictures are so NOT apt, for a Veggie Spiralizer Giveaway Post!! 🙂 but hey it was raining.. that’s my excuse!).Collage2

And now back to business! So we have a WINNER! Winner

CONGRATULATIONS RABIA! A message has been sent to you regarding the collection of the Giveaway..

The winner was drawn using the AgoraPulse Contest Application (just incase you were wondering 😉 )Winnerscreenshot

And all who entered the contest ….Better luck next time guys! Many more interesting giveaways coming your way!


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