Elastigirl Saves The Rainy Day

coverRemember my last post about Rain in Doha , which is an annual sort of a event for us. When I posted that post, I had no idea I would have such an eventful next day!

This year we witnessed heavy rains in Doha, that I don’t remember having seen here in a very long time. I am sure most of you in Doha, had a very “happening” day – with people stuck in traffic for hours, roads flooded, running back to schools as they started announcing that they are closing etc etc. But amidst all this chaos, here is what happened in ‘The Incredibles’ household. (Read HERE if you don’t know why we call ourselves the Qatari Incredibles Family)dsc_0015

So the kids and Mr. Incredible left home at 6:30 am and at that time it looked pretty cloudy but wasn’t raining. So I waved my good byes to all and went back to my bed for a peaceful power nap. But was awakened by the loud sound of rain fall, in my balcony. I opened the window and was like “What the hell happened here?!!“. My balcony was flooded with water (we never had this issue because our balconies are covered – but I guess the wind was pretty strong too ).



I jumped out of my bed and checked my phone and saw pictures and rants about how people haven’t reached schools yet and are stuck in traffic etc etc. A couple of my friends were going to pick their kids back as they got calls from the school that they are closing. So I immediately called Mr.Incredible who was peacefully sitting in his office working and he told me,

“Calm down, I have dropped them to school and yes it was raining but people exaggerate a lot. So don’t worry and let me work!”.

Anyways, I kept down the phone but was still not at peace.. (who can be calm looking at social media these days!). I started my day and around half an hour later got the message from my kids school that they were closing as well. So I called Mr. Incredible again and told him that we need to pick up the kids.. So he goes..

“Hmmm … you know what, you don’t leave the house as you will get stuck in traffic..  You cook something nice for me..I will go pick up the kids, drop them home and then have to go for a meeting somewhere outside the office”

To which I responded:

“Have you not seen the pictures of what’s happening today and that you should just stay where you are till the roads clear. I have a 4 wheel drive, I will go and get the kids”.

But he was adamant that I am just exaggerating the situation and he can do it. He wanted me to stay home and cook some halva for him 😛 . So that’s what I did, I started cooking some weather appropriate breakfast (Aaloo ki bhujia & Halva).  About 15-20 minutes later, I get his call.. that his car has stopped in water (very close to the school) and not starting. Some very helpful Qatari young men helped him move his car to a drier land and he told me that he will walk to the school and pick up the kids.. and after that he had no idea! At this point I couldn’t take it any longer and I said,

“Get the kids and stay in the car.. I am coming .. to the rescue (I didn’t say that out loud.. not just yet 😉 ) !!!”

Like every wife I was worried about him and his car and all, but also grinning ..

“See I told you! You never listen to me!”

The Project Manager and Elastigirl in me, both kicked in at the same time.. We (Me and my side kick, ‘our nanny’) packed some snacks & water for us (who knew how long would we be on the road ). We prayed and left home but not in the direction of school but a close by petrol station (good thinking right?) to get the car’s tank full. And then we were all set for our rescue mission!img_7085


We had recently changed to a 4×4 as the family car. Its a Nissan Patrol, which is like the highest possible SUV I have ever seen!. I used to drive a GMC Acadia before and felt like I was driving a truck (given my petite size or more bluntly put- short height! ). When we switched to this car, it felt like a Monster Truck! I feel awkward if my car would stop at the traffic light next to a bus, cause I am almost at the same level!!! But the monster truck (as I call it ) was a blessing on this rainy day!dsc_0016

So first we picked Jack- Jack from the nursery (which was on the way) and then were off to the school. We hardly had any issues reaching the school (in the monster truck, which made the water on the roads feel like small water puddles). All the way I was imagining Mr. Incredible as the random man in the picture below, which was going viral on whatsapp groups. I imagined him exactly like that.. standing in his suit, on top of his flooded car, wanting to go to a meeting after dropping the kids back home.. (LOLOL!!!). But to my disappointment, that’s not how I found him.. (though how I found him was quite hilarious too 😉 )

Some random guy ..

Violet and Dash were jumping with joy when they saw my car come in..

“Yaayyy, Mama rescued us!”

and Mr. Incredible looked like this.. 😀 He knew he was going to listen to this story for the rest of his life! Little did he know that it will be published! :)The tow truck came later and took his car away, which by the way is still in the workshop!

That’s how I found him and his car.

I drove us all back with a grin on my face.. 🙂 Rescue completed!


We came back home and since the breakfast was all ready, the rain had stopped, it was a very random holiday and there was NO way he could make it to the meeting anymore, we decided to take the kids to a nearby beach (5 minutes away) and have a little picnic.

The beautiful beach in our neighbor hood.
The kids enjoying the random picnic.
The little brunch I packed along with some Karak!


And that’s how folks, Elastigirl saved the rainy day (and Mr. Incredible 😉 !

And now its chilly outside… brrrrr.. Finally the rain was followed by the beautiful Doha Winters! Enjoy!dsc_0035

The End.


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