Celebrate Pakistan Day with LRBT

CoverTo all my Pakistani readers, a very happy Pakistan Day to all of you. On this day, how about we do something to give back to our country – celebrate it and make a difference!

What makes me a Proud Pakistani!


Here’s how.. I want to tell you about something that is very close to my heart, as it was my dad’s passion!

This 23rd March, there is a Carnival in Karachi. It’s arranged by LRBT, the largest NGO in Pakistan which is fighting blindness and transforming lives. Some facts about LRBT:

  • LRBT, through its purpose-built and appropriately-equipped hospitals provide comprehensive eye-care, ranging from simple refraction to the most advanced retinal surgery and corneal transplants.
  • LRBT was established in 1984 by 2 retiring businessmen Graham Layton & Zaka Rahmatulla as a mobile unit clinic and has now grown to a network of 18 eye hospitals & 55 clinics across Pakistan.
  • During the 30 years of existence over 30 million patients visited their OPDs and over 2.9 million surgeries were carried out, absolutely FREE for the poor!
  • 1 out of every 3 eye patients in Pakistan are treated at LRBT.
LRBT Korangi Hospital Karachi

My dad who was an Ophthalmologist had great regard for LRBT, its noble cause and it’s free services for the poor. (Read more about him HERE). Last year I went to visit their hospital in Korangi and I was pleasantly surprised on how big and well organized the hospital was! It’s amazing to see so many people giving back to the society! So many volunteers, doctors, nurses and sooo many people who make the donations to help run such a HUGE operation.

My Father’s passion continues with LRBT


Want to know more about LRBT.. Visit their page HERE

How can you help?

You can either make an Online donation HERE.


Visit the LRBT Carnival this 23rd March, at DHA Creek Club, Karachi. Take your family for some “Family Fun” and contribute to this amazing cause by going there!

What would be better way to spend this Pakistan’s Day holiday!lrbt

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