Pakistan Bleeds Again..

PAKISTANLahoreBlastI am at a loss of words.. there are none to console the mothers of the children that died today in Lahore… there are no words that can bring any peace to the families who lost their loved ones today in Lahore.. There are NONE!

I lost my father more than a year ago to Cancer and it still hurts. still hurts bad… he was 73, lived a full life and yet we are struggling with the loss… My heart wrenches for the families of Lahore today! I cannot imagine the pain.. No one can imagine their pain.. its like a stab in the chest and yet they have to breathe and live.. endure this pain and live.. they have to find the pieces of the bodies of what were the pieces of their heart… their children!

The death toll has gone up to 65… mostly women and children… hundreds injured…  a suicide bomb on an Easter Sunday at a family park!!  Its not just a number of dead bodies.. its the number of families affected.. scarred for life..their lives will never be the same again!

What is wrong with us humans?? What is  wrong with these people who think its okay to kill women and children.. What is wrong with this World! Why doesn’t anyone do something?? Why??

Even in the olden days, War meant a man to man fight… men fought while the women and children were kept safe.. humans had that much sense! What the hell happened?? Oh yeah.. HELL happened today!

In the early 7th century, the first Muslim Caliph, Hazrat Abu Bakar, whilst instructing his army, laid down the following rules concerning warfare:

Stop, O people, that I may give you ten rules for your guidance in the battlefield. Do not commit treachery or deviate from the right path. You must not mutilate dead bodies. Neither kill a child, nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s flock, save for your food. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone.

Sura-e-Al Baqara of the Holy Quran requires that in combat Muslims are only allowed to strike back in self defense against those who strike against them, but, on the other hand, once the enemies cease to attack, Muslims are then commanded to stop attacking

This is what Islam says.. the religion which teaches peace and then these people call themselves Muslims?? They aren’t even humans.. they are Savages!!!!  A person who can turn this wonderful scene at the park to a pool of blood and body parts .. has to be a SAVAGE! They have NO right to call them Muslims.. or even Humans I would say!

The park which turned into a pool of blood. Photo Credit Express Tribune

I feel sick in my stomach thinking about a normal fun day at the park could turn into this? I am a mother of three and it makes my heart bleed for the family of the victims of Gulshan-e-Iqbal park, Lahore today.

May the innocent victims to this inhumane & atrocious attack Rest in Peace.. And I am sure they would.. because they are in a better place…a place where they don’t have to co-exist with these savages and surely God will let these savages rot in Hell!

If you don’t know what happened today in Lahore, Read here .


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