OCD Series: Caps Organization


Do you feel that the caps kept in a drawer or a basket get all crumpled and de-shaped? I felt that way and looked for a better way of storing the caps – without damaging their shape. So I looked and found a couple of ideas that I, living in an apartment didn’t have the space to do at my home.. (If you haven’t read my previous posts on my OCD, go ahead read that first – HERE.)

So this is what I did, I got the IKEA BYGEL rail (for QAR 6 only) and IKEA BYGEL S-Hooks (QAR 2 for 10 Hooks), which I installed in the inner side of the cabinet door and hung the caps.. 🙂

Ikea Rail
Ikea BYGEL Rail and Hooks

The caps keep their shape and are easy to access..  and this cap organization solution cost me QAR 8 only!

My Boys’ Caps..


I did the same for my daughter’s closet too, but since her closet door was a little narrower, I had to get the IKEA GRUNDTAL Rail and Hooks, which was a little more expensive than 8 Riyals :). I know I know.. I sound like an IKEA brand ambassador, but I LOVE their products – specially storage solutions.

Violet’s Cap Collection

I put these rails at a height which is easier for them to access, so they can take and put the caps back themselves… (We are still working on the PUTTING back part! Haha!).


I like how simple this solution was and after doing this, was wondering why I never did this before!


Until next time.. Have fun organizing!


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