Caps Organization

Do you feel that the caps kept in a drawer or a basket get all crumpled and de-shaped? I felt that way and looked for a better way of storing the caps – without damaging their shape. So I looked and found a couple of ideas that I, living in an apartment didn’t have the space to do at my home..

So this is what I did, I got the IKEA BYGEL rail (for QAR 6 only) and IKEA BYGEL S-Hooks (QAR 2 for 10 Hooks), which I installed in the inner side of the cabinet door and hung the caps.. 🙂

Ikea Rail
Ikea BYGEL Rail and Hooks

The caps keep their shape and are easy to access..  and this cap organization solution cost me QAR 8 only!

My Boys’ Caps..


I did the same for my daughter’s closet too, but since her closet door was a little narrower, I had to get the IKEA GRUNDTAL Rail and Hooks, which was a little more expensive than 8 Riyals :). I know I know.. I sound like an IKEA brand ambassador, but I LOVE their products – specially storage solutions.

Violet’s Cap Collection

I put these rails at a height which is easier for them to access, so they can take and put the caps back themselves… (We are still working on the PUTTING back part! Haha!).


I like how simple this solution was and after doing this, was wondering why I never did this before!


Until next time.. Have fun organizing!


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