A Memory Frozen In Time – Casting Memories

Praying Hands1

This is something that is very close to my heart…. It’s a TRUE story.. it’s my story… it’s OUR story…

Karachi, 2003: It all started when me and husband met through a common friend.. Within a few days of our first meeting, we both knew that “This was it!”.  In fact, it was our second meeting, when after a casual lunch, he took me to a mosque (in D.H.A Karachi) and he made us join our hands (one of my hand and one of his) to pray…. that was his idea of starting our life together with a joint prayer… I was very perplexed by it of course, but found it to be very sweet and romantic…He later told me that his idea was inspired by the very talented poet, Parveen Shakir’s verses below….13616211_10157140510600635_782829101_o

For those who cant read Urdu script..

Dua to jaane kon si thi

zahen mien nahien

bas itna yaad hai

ke do hathailiyaan mili hoi thein

jin mien aik meri thi

aur aik tumhaari… 

For my Non- Desi readers, these verses basically mean..

“Though I don’t recall what the prayer was.. all I remember is, that there were two palms joint together. of which one was mine… and one yours…”

That was the first time we prayed together like that.. and now when I try to recall, I actually can’t remember what I prayed for that day.. 🙂

We got married, moved to Doha and 4 years passed by…. Everything was well except that we struggled with conceiving a baby and went through various treatments for that.. it was an emotionally draining time. (If you want to now more about our journey… you might want to read my blogpost Infertility Hurts – Don’t Make It Harder! ).

Karachi, 2007: It was during that time, we visited Karachi for treatment and decided to go to a very famous shrine in Karachi (Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s Mazar). As we were about to leave from the shrine.. I suddenly remembered and stopped my husband, held his hand and once again we prayed to God, the same way.. the two palms joint together in a prayer… That was the second time we prayed like that. A few months later.. we found out we were expecting a baby.


Doha,2016: A few months ago, I came across this very talented artist… who makes amazing casts, at QatArt’s Facebook Page. It’s called Casting Memories.. and the artist behind this amazing venture is Rita.. a lovely, very friendly and an amazingly talented artist.

Photo Credit – Casting Memories
Rita2 Collage
The very talented artist, Rita at work… Photo Credit – Casting Memories

As I explored her face book page and saw her amazing work.. I knew, I had to get a cast done with her!!! I contacted her almost instantly and inquired about the family hand cast, but she advised me against it (for now). She explained to me,that my kids are still very young and the technique used for making that cast would take a relatively longer time.. (and I totally agree with her, as I know my impatient 3 year old won’t sit through it.. ). So I will wait till he turns 5, before I go for this one.. Its my absolute favorite!

My absolute favorite…The family hand cast . Photo credit -Casting Memories

Then it occurred to me, that why don’t I ask her to make the cast for our “joint praying hands”.. to freeze that memory in time.. and make it tangible. Rita was ever so accommodating and understanding with our strange sculpture request.. :). She worked with us so patiently ….in understanding our requirement and delivering EXACTLY what we wanted! She is a perfectionist and to get the perfect cast, she did a couple of various casting techniques until she was satisfied with our very unique cast..

The final attempt of doing the cast 🙂

She also got us the plaque made with Parveen Shakir’s poetry engraved on it.. I am totally in LOVE with her brilliant piece of art, “The Praying Hands“, the sculpture based on our cast.prayinghands CollageAnother of my favorite from Casting Memories beautiful body of work, are the baby hands and feet casts.. they are so adorable! I wish she was here in Doha when my babies were born.. How I would have loved to preserve the hands and feet of my tiny babies… forever! The Casting Memories Gift Vouchers would make such an amazing gift for a new baby or a baby shower.. (its framed, so that they won’t lose or forget about the voucher that easily 😉 )


babyfeet Collage
The most adorable keepsake ever! Photo Credit – Casting Memories

Do check her amazing work on..

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Casting-Memories-755792294550962/

Instagram Id : casting_memories

Our Praying Hands – Frozen In Time



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