Gallery Walls: How many are too many!?

I absolutely love gallery walls to the point that I feel I am borderline obsessed with them. I have not 5 but 6 gallery walls in my home, made with either photos or paintings or wall decor pieces put together. I love that you can do so much with them – play around in different ways and you always don’t need expensive stuff to adorn the walls beautifully!

I thought let me put them all together in one post for anyone looking for inspiration.

Gallery Wall No 1 – Entry Way:

Entry_4823This is basically a very interesting wall, I put together with all the pieces that I had lying around in my previous home. It’s a mix of elements, a painting (that I actually picked up from my uncle’s garage in the US – his junk, my treasure), an IKEA clock, a family photo, a mirror (from our old guest room) and a DIY Monogram frame I made in under QAR 10 (that’s less than 3 USD)Entry_4832



Gallery Wall No 2 – The Blue Wall :

Entry_9548This one in our hall is a photo gallery of my photography and if you look closely, one side of the bookshelf are photos from Pakistan while the other side is photos from Qatar. Photos taken by me, framed in IKEA frames and on a bold colored wall – viola! A dramatic inexpensive photo gallery wall!Entry_5014You can see the before and after of this wall here.


Gallery Wall No 3 – The Family Room Wall:

DSCF0401-2-Edit.jpgI have a little musical corner in our family room, where the piano and other instruments are. That wall has photos of our family and our babies but all of them are in monochrome and arranged within a large square – along with metallic lettering that says ” Love is all you need”.

FamilyRoom_4909You can see the before and after of the reveal of this room here.FamilyRoom_4910

Gallery Wall No 4 – The Home Office :

HomeOffice_6079By now you probably know I absolutely love gallery walls and put up a combination of things on the wall in my home office/studio – some new, some old. What I love the most about this wall, is that I have a bit of my dad and my mum with me at all times. The eye chart (which reads ‘Life is all about giving – Dr Hasan Rizvi’) was a DIY project that I made when my dad passed away.HomeOffice_6286While the two silhouettes of women were hand painted on glass by my mum some 50 odd years ago, even before she got married! These are priceless!HomeOffice_6105If you would like to know more about how I did the transformation and what else is on this gallery wall.. you can check it here

Gallery Wall No 5 – The Kids Room Wall :

Another gallery wall that is up in my kids room and used to be in their nursery is a collection of their baby pictures.


Gallery Wall No 6 – The Family Wall :

DSCF0001-2My house is full of pictures…Living away from family is not easy, but having them around everywhere around my house just makes me feel more connected to them. And not only me but the kids stay familiar and connected to the extended family around the world and even the ones who aren’t in this world with us now.DSCF0023-EditHassan’s name is named after his grandfathers. His full name is exactly my father in law’s name but guess what.. my dad and Mohsin’s dad both have the same names .. Hasan Rizvi (with different middle names).Entry_4835.jpgThis was probably the hardest one to put and I left all the measurements and calculations on Mohsin, who basically transferred my vision on the floor to the wall! DSCF2621

Thank God my home ran out of walls, else I would end up with more 🙂

Which one is your favourite one, do let me know.



7 thoughts on “Gallery Walls: How many are too many!?

  1. Poppy

    Absolutely love ALL of them. At present I only have one such wall in my living room, but you have given me so much inspiration!


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