Gift Idea: A Rag Doll Kit by Rosyland Handicrafts

I remember the quiet afternoons in our home in Karachi, sitting in our family room, and Ammi (Mom) sipping her evening tea while teaching me how to stitch clothes for my Barbie dolls. She used to tell me stories of how she used to make ‘kapray ke gudday guriya’ (ragdolls). Though looking back, I do regret not making a rag doll with her, but was extremely happy that I was able to share that experience with my daughter. 

Maria Rosa from Rosyland Handicrafts sent Amna a rag doll kit. It was the perfect time since we are all in a lockdown and am continually looking for creative ideas to keep the kids occupied. I could have never imagined that collaboration with Maria will become so so special for me and a memory for a lifetime! And one day, Amna will tell her kids the story of how she made a ragdoll with me.DSCF8047The ragdoll kit was delivered to my home, and after being in the quarantine area for four days, we finally opened it. The entire package is super well organized, with c lear step by step instructions and all the things clearly labeled.DSCF8076Amna mostly did the entire thing on her own, and every time she would do something, she would proudly show it to me and her dad of how it was coming along.

From stuffing the doll to sewing her arms and hair, styling her hair to painting her face and even doing her makeup, she did everything on her own with some guidance and help from me for certain things (though I was soooo tempted to do more! It seemed so much fun!). 

It was soo much fun to do, and Amna was so happy and proud of her creation. She name her “Quarantina” (since we are in lockdown these days).DSCF8056But the best part for me was when she said

“Mama, I am going to keep this doll forever because we made it together!”

And that’s how special this ragdoll kit been for us!

It would make such a wonderful gift for a little girl, and much more unique rather than any store-bought doll. 

Rosyland Handicrafts also has some beautiful pre-made items like Nursery decor, Ragdoll pens, garlands and so much more. Do check them out.DSCF8014



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